Partnership Learning Community–Zoom Call

March 1, 2023

Ready to Launch: Partnership Learning Community 

Do you focus on partnerships in your role?  Join us for a Zoom conversation with fellow Accord members where we will:

  • Explore best practices, lessons learned, and partnership development strategies–learning from each other.
  • Navigating pre-positioning, barriers to accessing funds and consortia opportunities.
  • Review possible group interests and plan activities for the year.

This is a new iteration of our Institutional Partnerships group. 

Wednesday, March 22nd at 1:00pm Eastern–one hour. Open to all Accord members who engage in partnerships–Register Here. 


More About the Partnership Learning Community:

Purpose Statement: Empowering the Christian community to end poverty through relationships between organizations, shared practices, and principles of excellence.

Learning Groups: These can be virtual or in-person, and may focus on best practices, lesson learning, pre-positioning, partnership development, barriers to accessing funds, and partnership strategies.

Steering Committee:
Adam DuGuay, The Chalmers Center
Alyssa Killingsworth, Convoy of Hope
Kara Edson, Compassion International
Melissa Blauvelt, Compassion International
Chad Hayward, Accord Network

Any questions? Please feel free to reach out to Alyssa akillingsworth[at]convoyofhope[dot]org  or join us on the call!

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