Requirements for Membership

Annual Dues Structure

Less than $1 million budget: $1,100
Up to $2 million budget: $1,300
Up to $5 million budget: $1,700
Up to $10 million budget: $1,900
Up to $15 million budget: $3,000
Up to $25 million budget: $3,500

Greater than $25 million: $3500 + $44 per m on amount over $25m.

[GIK Assessment: $9 per million]

Associate Membership
(universities, etc.): $1,000 flat fee

Application Form:

  • Members are non-profit organizations with a majority of their emphasis on relief or development. Associates are organizations whose involvement in relief and development services is less than 50%.
  • Please include cash, GIK, and total
  • Please include US, International, total, and estimated beneficiaries.
  • For instance, ECFA, Integral Alliance, InterAction, etc.
  • Please select one of the statements of faith listed here. By typing your name in below, you are subscribing to the statement of faith you selected.
  • By signing here you are affirming the above statement of faith, the Principles of Excellence in Integral Mission, Accord's GIK Stands (if applicable), and Accord's Financial Standards (from ECFA).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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