Climate Meeting at OneAccord

October 5, 2022

By Scott Sabin, CEO, Plant With Purpose

Whether we realize it or not, climate change is deeply impacting the work that all of us do, and those whom we serve. Increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters, prolonged drought, irregularity of rainfall, decreasing biodiversity and rising sea levels are just some of the most obvious climate impacts that make our work more challenging.

Climate change disproportionately hurts the poor and most vulnerable – our constituents. Thus, whether or not you think of yourself as working for an agency that is involved in climate change adaptation or even climate change mitigation, you likely are.

To bring this point home, the National Association of Evangelicals recently updated their marvelous report Loving the Least of These; Addressing a Changing Environment, which is available for download and provides an excellent primer on climate change from a Biblical perspective.

Next week at OneAccord, we will be gathering on Wednesday evening to talk about how we might begin to meet this moment. Please plan to join us. If you will not be at OneAccord, but are interested in finding out more, and possibly getting involved going forward, please reach out to me at Plant With Purpose (scott[at]plantwithpurpose[dot]org).

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