Dealing with Compliance Issues in the Field: Zoom Conversation for Members

January 25, 2022

Accord will host a conversation via Zoom about compliance issues that we face in the field, focusing on Central America.  NGOs face increased regulations in Nicaragua, and other countries in the region seem poised to follow.

Noon Eastern on Tuesday, February 1.  Accord members only.


We will focus on:

  • The situations on the ground for compliance
  • How we react–learning from each other
  • What guiding principles do we use to best comply

(Provided by Convoy of Hope):
In 2020, Nicaragua passed a “Foreign Agents Law” that requires any organization that works in Nicaragua and receives foreign funding to register with the government and meet significant monthly reporting requirements. Since its passage, the government has continued to expand how it is applying the law, regularly coming up with new requirements without any prior notice. In August, the Nicaraguan government canceled the registration of numerous international NGOs working in Nicaragua, including Oxfam. This is a good interview with Oxfam about it. Recently, El Salvador introduced legislation for a similar Foreign Agents Law. The bill has not been passed into law yet, but we expect it to be.





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