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ECHO exists to equip and empower a diverse global network with sustainable solutions to defeat hunger.

For over 40 years, ECHO, a global Christian organization, has been helping to reduce hunger and improve lives through the networking of agricultural development resources and training. ECHO promotes sustainable farming techniques, nutritional plants, appropriate technologies, and the skills workers need to help small-scale farmers improve sustainability and feed their families. ECHO shares these proven resources with a diverse network through the internet, printed materials, networking, and training events. ECHO also saves and distributes seeds of highly beneficial, under-utilized plants while teaching others how they can save their seeds for improved food security.

ECHO operates four Regional Impact Centers (RICs) and Teams strategically located around the world to bring much-needed agricultural resources and skills within reach of vulnerable families and communities who desperately need them. Our model empowers front-line workers and intermediaries working with farmers to expand their efficacy to improve food security and livelihoods around the world. In working through, and alongside, a network of 18,500+ organizations and individuals, ECHO helps to defeat hunger by the identification, validation, dissemination, and evaluation of appropriate and contextualized agriculture and community development options. RICs are currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand; Arusha, Tanzania; and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; with an upcoming re-organization of the ECHO Florida campus into the North America Impact Center, with more RICS on the horizon. Each RIC is overseen by a dedicated director and ranges in size from 10-20 technical, support, and training staff.

ECHO’s International Headquarters is in North Fort Myers, Florida, and has been in operation since 1981. Today, the 55-acre campus houses the soon-to-be North America Regional Impact Center which serves as a living classroom for trainings and as a research and demonstration site. Services provided in Florida include a seed bank, seed production area, nursery and propagation area, plant collections, field research plots, animal pastures, intern and guest houses, and administrative offices (totaling 26 buildings).  Our Global Farm and Appropriate Technology Village demonstrate plants, techniques, and simple tools, providing education to the public and to ECHO Interns and trainees.



Incorporated: 1973

Total Employees: 80+

Operating Budget: $5.6 m


Regional Training Centers serving Asia, West Africa, East Africa, and The Americas

Global Headquarters: ECHO, Inc. 17391 Durrance Rd N. Fort Myers, FL 33917 +1 (239) 567-3344

Over the last five years, ECHO has seen tremendous growth in its diverse network membership, direct trainings, demand for resources/consultations, and partnerships. ECHO has demonstrated the capacity to engage in its equipping mission at every geographic level — from local villages to global gatherings. It has also been privileged to see the clear impact of its mandate to provide lasting Hope Against Hunger.

ECHO’s Impact Centers have been essential to this growing global engagement. With gifted Christian leadership and staff, these centers have served as bases for region-wide equipping work with missionaries, development partners and small-scale farming communities.

To focus its engagement and impact, ECHO launched a strategic plan in 2017 that outlined two bold goals that would be met by 2021:

• Over 500,000 people will benefit annually through ECHO direct trainings; and,

• Over 17,500 development workers will benefit from ECHO’s global resources.

Each goal was coupled with clear measures by which progress would be assessed. By God’s grace, intensive staff commitment, organizational growth, and effective engagement, both goals have been achieved — over 1 million women, men, and children now benefit annually through ECHO’s direct trainings and more than 18,500 development worker members of share ECHO resources with over 2.4 million people in 190+ countries. Building off that momentum and efficacy, ECHO has hired a new CEO and is using 2023 as a year for intentional strategic planning for the next 5-year plan.

During this season of new leadership and strategic planning, ECHO is launching a search for a Chief Operating Officer to oversee the operations of our global teams and Global Support Services.  This experienced and committed Christian leader, working alongside and under the direction of the President/CEO, will oversee day-to-day operations and put his or her experience, education, and skills in organizational management and implementation of strategic plans into action. The COO’s goal is to help our global teams be more effective in accomplishing the mission and vision of the organization.

This leader will serve on the Executive Team along with the CEO and Director of Advancement and work closely with the Global Support Services (located in ECHO Florida) and Regional Support Services teams (located in each of the RICs and working under each RIC Director) to execute the mission of ECHO. RIC Directors will continue to be direct reports of the CEO who will be focused on strategy, vision alignment, and networking. The COO will work with the RIC Directors on matters related to day-to-day programming and problem solving, strategic plan implementation, reporting/compliance, and ensuring the efficacy of global and regional support services to ensure support of the RICs and the mission.


The COO reports directly to the President/CEO and is responsible for:

Global Strategy, Planning, and Leadership

· Work closely with the CEO and other Executive Team members to coordinate and implement the strategic planning process, including interaction with a consultant facilitator, the development of long-term goals, measurable outcomes, and capacity-building plans aimed at achieving the mission and vision of the global organization

· Coordinate quarterly and annual program planning and evaluation, ensuring effective implementation of the strategic plan, mission alignment, and effectiveness across all programs and Regional Impact Centers, understanding that the RICS must have necessary alignment with the SP but also have contextual adaptability and autonomy

· Lead the performance management and reporting process to measure progress toward individual, programmatic and organizational goals, including unified tracking and reporting on metrics and outcomes

· Work with Executive team and RIC directors to plan, coordinate, and implement annual global leadership gatherings

· Prioritize and encourage innovation (including systems and processes), creativity, creative problem solving, and willingness to try new approaches while reducing risk across all aspects of the teams and organization, and as needed, provide leadership to pilot new programs/ projects/ software/ core functions across diverse contexts to make the organization more effective and efficient at achieving its vision and mission

· Maintain continuous lines of communication with the CEO and other Executive and Support Service Team members, keeping them informed of all critical operational and staff issues both domestically and internationally

Global Teams Development and Human Resources

· Foster a spirit of camaraderie, unity, and a supportive working environment across the Regional Impact Centers (currently North America, W Africa, E Africa, and Asia with more to come)

· Develop staff, including spiritually, using a collaborative approach which encourages the identification and utilization of individual strengths and facilitates team-building.

· Work with leadership staff to define organizational goals, personal development goals, accountability for those goals, and KPIs for all staff

· Work with Executive team to coordinate and implement ECHO board meetings

· Oversee the development of individual annual RIC plans based on the next Strategic Plan (2024-2029) in relationship to broader organizational plans and priorities

· Conduct and empower leadership staff to conduct annual performance reviews and administer salary adjustments

· Promote a culture of excellence, professionalism, high performance, and improvement that values learning, science, and continuous improvement within a holistic, Gospel-centered approach.

· Oversee global human resources in conjunction with the HR Manager and Regional Support Staff, including:

o Recruitment, hiring, and compensation

o Professional training and development, including new employee orientation

o Day-to-day staff management and reporting in consultation with the HR Manager

o Maintaining legal registrations worldwide

o Oversee benefits administration


· Oversee and unify global and RIC office policies and procedures: supervise oversight of internal controls, and policies and procedures

· Oversee regulatory and legal compliance for all operations

· Oversee letters of agreement, contracts, leases, and other legal documents and agreements

· Oversee and coordinate risk management with appropriate leaders

· Provide guidance and leadership to the team to establish and track metrics for the strategic plan and provide timely reports to executives

· Oversee global day-to-day operations of Global Support Services and Regional Support Services and ensure those services are effectively supporting and liaising with international counterparts to support the implementation of ECHO’s core functions across the RICs

· Advising and creatively troubleshooting operational, financial, and personnel issues across RICs and Global Support Services as needed to make the organization more effective in achieving its mission and vision

· Oversee the planning, upgrading, and ongoing use/maintenance of global campuses to ensure they effectively implement the mission of the organization

Financial Oversight

· In conjunction with the Finance Manager, provide financial oversight of the organization

· Review and analyze global financial reports to advise CEO and Executives in development of new business models, advancement, and financial planning

· Advise and assist in financial development as needed in conjunction with the Executives

· Ensure effective workflow processes for financial development

· Supervise Finance Manager’s oversight of business policies and accounting practices

· Work with Finance Manager to coordinate the annual budgeting process and audit

· Serve as a staff liaison to the Board’s Treasurer and Finance Committee


 Strengths and Experiences Needed for Success in the COO Role Include:

•  Total agreement with, and passion for, ECHO’s Vision, Mission, Values, Gospel-Centered Approach and Statement of Faith

· A clear and demonstrated expression of personal faith in Jesus Christ that includes a heart for servant leadership

· 7-10 years of senior leadership experience in the Christian nonprofit, private sector, public sector, or international missions worlds with demonstrated growth in responsibility and scope, especially related to COO responsibilities

· A personal sense of calling to the developing / majority world and to the issues and needs addressed by ECHO’s work

· Advanced education (MBA or Master’s or Ph.D. in organizational leadership/strategy/psychology) strongly preferred or commensurate experience; bachelor’s degree required

· Demonstrated experience in the development of organizational and program support systems and management with clear results showing increased efficacy and efficiency of the organization

· Demonstrated experience in oversight and leadership of international operations, finance, HR, and legal and compliance matters of subsidiaries or confederations

· Demonstrated experience in development of and implementation of strategic plan into actionable and demonstrable results

· Experience working in cross-cultural environments with a variety of partners, including funding partners

· Experience in international support services team recruitment, development, and leadership that inspires collaboration and unity

· Experience in organizational or program leadership that sets the tone for results, effectiveness, and clear outcomes

· Living or hybrid arrangements for living in the Fort Myers, Florida area and traveling internationally on an occasional basis

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