Administrative Assistant for National Advocacy and Program – U.S.

Job Synopsis
The Administrative Assistant for U.S. National Advocacy and Program provides administrative and program support to the Director as well as National and Advocacy Staff in MCC U.S. . This includes coordinating logistics and publicity for training events, conferences and meetings; assisting in the production of resources and newsletters; and other administrative duties to assist National and Advocacy Program staff in their work.

All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active membership or participation in a Christian church; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

Legal eligibility to be employed in the U.S. is required.
Associate degree plus 1-3 years of related experience, or the equivalent mix of education and experience.
Competency in MS Office, including word processing, spreadsheets, editing and proofreading.
Competency with information technology, social media, and computers, including troubleshooting and the ability to assist others.
Knowledge of Formstack, PayPal and basic accounting tools preferred.
Ability to coordinate with staff in remote locations
Spanish language proficiency preferred.
Commitment to anti-racist and anti-sexist principles.
Ability to take initiative and responsibility and to follow through on tasks with little supervision.
Personable manner, in person and on the telephone; good relational skills.
Flexibility/willingness to be interrupted and to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
Ability to be pleasant in the face of a demanding schedule and constantly changing circumstances.
Strong organizational and writing skills.

Key Responsibilities

Initiative and Ingenuity:
• Ability to work well with a variety of people from various cultural understandings.
• Ability to complete complex tasks for dispersed staff in satellite offices with a minimum of supervision.
• Supervision ranges from weekly to monthly due to Director’s travel schedule.
• Takes initiative, follows instruction and multi-tasks.
• Must work collaboratively with a team.
• Uses discretion when responding to questions.
• Keeps department records, reports, lists, and contacts current.
• Uses problem solving skills, as appropriate, when supervisor is traveling.

Mental/Physical/Visual Demand:
• Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to multi-task.
• Must be able to focus on work in an open office setting, keep track of many details, and manage many interruptions.
• Sedentary desk work; light physical demand; high mental demand – focus, concentration, accuracy; high visional demand – long hours at a computer.

Communication/Interpersonal Skills:
• Responsible for monitoring flow of work within National and Advocacy Program department.
• Individual’s actions could affect immediate department and relationships with constituents.
• Communicates regularly through email/Teams/Zoom with Director and staff.

Major Responsibilities:
Provide support for National and Advocacy Program staff (60%)
Administrative duties for Director (20%)
Technical communications support (15%)
Building management (5%)


Coordinate administrative and program support for National Advocacy and Program (60%)
Oversee and handle logistics for trainings , conferences, visits by MCC staff/constituents and other events sponsored by National and Advocacy Program, including meeting logistics, travel, registration, setting up meetings with congressional or administration offices, budget, reimbursements and follow up; this could include time outside of normal work hours at the time of the event. Travel to training locations approximately 4 times per year.
• Assist with the production of publications, particularly with proofreading; assist with large mailings
• Coordinate with MCC support departments (Communications and Donor Relations, IT, and Administrative Services) for needed services and resources.
• Facilitate preparation for and follow-up of staff meetings. Take minutes at staff meetings and assigned program network meetings.
• Assist with the design and dissemination of training materials (e.g., design brochures, handouts, power point presentations and publicity for training and workshops).
• Coordinate the annual High School Essay Contest; this includes sending emails to schools, posting information on the web site, answering inquiries and receiving completed essays.

Administrative duties for Director (20%)
• Approve routine financial expenditures and prepare spreadsheets for credit card approvals.
• Assist with the compilation of program plans, progress reports and budget spreadsheets.
• Compile and edit Board reports from National and Advocacy Program staff.
• Provide support for Director with travel arrangements.
• Work with affected staff and Administrative Services on the acquisition and maintenance of office equipment and furniture, coordination of office moves and other situations which may arise.
• Coordinate emails and monthly meetings for the Capital Area Anabaptist Network.
• Manage the Washington Office general email account.
• Provide overall management of the Washington Office calendar.

Technical communications support (15%)
• Post National and Advocacy Program materials on web site
• Assist with email and alert layouts in Voter Voice; provide overall management of constituent lists and other data in Voter Voice; coordinate other efforts to track grassroots advocacy and engagement.
• Assist with posting and organizing National and Advocacy Program staff materials on Teams and The Hub.
• Encourage and support social media usage (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, blogs) with MCC U.S. programs.

Building management (Washington Office location) (5%)
• Ensure office building is maintained.
• Serve as liaison with tenant.
• File reports as needed with the D.C. government.

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