Assistant Editor and Writer


All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active participation in a Christian church or Christian community; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

Legal eligibility to be employed in the U.S. is required.
Bachelors degree or 3 years of equivalent experience in editing and copywriting
An additional 3 years relevant experience in writing, editing or journalism
Strong writing skills, ideally in a variety of styles from magazine writing to crafting fundraising and marketing materials
Eager to work with a variety of different print and email content
Ability to initiate and juggle frequent oral and written contact with service workers, staff and management to gather facts for stories
Strong attention to detail and commitment to accuracy
Proficiency in meeting deadlines while handling a variety of tasks and projects
Thorough knowledge of PC/Internet/Email/MS Office
Fluency in English
Commitment to learning the history, brand and central messaging of MCC
Ability to balance a variety of voices and stakeholders including international and diverse perspectives
Demonstrated ability to amplify the voice and perspectives of people of color in a variety of communications.

Employment eligibility: Legally eligible to work in the U.S. MCC offers of employment are subject to a successful criminal background check(s).

Knowledge of Associated Press style
Experience with marketing and/or fundraising writing
Proficiency with a number of written and email content
Experience in storytelling in a non-profit setting

Job Synopsis

The Assistant Editor/Writer serves as a day-to-day coordinator for major print pieces, ensuring that content work on publications is proceeding on schedule, and edits and writes content. This includes creating content both from interviews and from material provided from MCC programs around the world in keeping with MCC focus themes and the needs of Communications and Donor Relations. This person is expected to edit and write content in a variety of styles, from the more playful tones of Christmas giving emails or marketing text to letters that are part of our outreach to donors to the magazine-style writing present in A Common Place.

The Assistant Editor/Writer is supervised by the Senior Editor and is part of the MCC U.S. Communications Department.

The department seeks to engage people in and move them to action within MCC’s ministry of responding to basic needs and working for peace and justice in the name of Christ. It does this by delivering high-quality, interactive and appropriate communications tools and resources.
Its three goals for communications are to:

• Support MCC ministry
• Engage current and potential supporters and audiences
• Deliver an effective and efficient mix of Communications materials

Key Responsibilities

Specific Tasks and Duties: Administration/Coordination 40%, Technical/Language 40%, Relationship Building 20%

• As assistant editor for A Common Place magazine, ensure that the writing and editing of each issue is proceeding on schedule.
• Work with the Senior Editor to assign content; coordinate proofing, editing and approvals; and handle any other needed tasks.
• Coordinate the details of content gathering for major annual print pieces.
• In addition to working with the Senior Editor and the Graphic Design, Marketing and Production Coordinator to choose photos for projects, the assistant editor will follow a detailed process to request needed content and to coordinate editing
• Write content, including digital or letter content to accompany the print annual report, as needed.
• Work on annual projects, such as MCC wall calendar, as needed, to shepherd them through editing, proofing and approvals.

Technical/language- Writing and Editing
• Provide an initial edit of stories for A Common Place and material for other publications as needed.
• Serve in other editing and copyediting roles as needed.
• Play a role in content gathering and writing or editing content. This includes potential travel (no more than one to two times a year).
• Coordinate material gathered by freelance photographers and/or other content gatherers internationally.
• Write or edit content at a variety of lengths and styles and for a variety of projects. This could vary from articles for Anabaptist publications to letters sent as part of Donor Relations outreach to text for needs like promoting Christmas giving that require a marketing style of writing.

Relationship Building
• Work with MCC staff around the world on approvals and to process accurate, timely content for MCC publications.
• Work with staff around the world to coordinate the gathering of content internationally and to follow up on details and questions about MCC work and content from interviews.
• Working closely with others in Communications and other departments in the U.S. and Canada to ensure that needed content is accurate and on hand.
• Working closely in communications with other departments.
• Other duties as assigned on a temporary basis.


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