Business Development and Partnerships Manager, West Africa

Position: Business Development and Partnerships Manager, West Africa 

Department: Business Development Team  

Core Technical Areas: The ideal candidate will have a background in public health and water,  sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) 

Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone  

Job Purpose: Contribute to the Business Development Team’s overall resource targets by leading a team of  individuals and technical advisors in innovative proposal design and development of sector and  multisector grants from government agencies, select foundations, and select individual donors for  individual grants. Build the capacity of WHI West Africa region offices to acquire public and private  grants, by increasing local capacity to develop proposals, logframes and outcome measurement as to  work effectively in consortia. Lead and participate in consortia to develop and deliver innovative and  integrated programming to institutional donors.  

Core Values: These principles guide and identify us as colleagues and representatives of World Hope International: 

  • Sustainability: Lasting impact is realized through locally sustainable programs. 
  • Empowerment: Development occurs to the extent local communities, leaders, and individuals  are empowered to affect change.  
  • Transformation: Individuals and communities are transformed into ones with dignity and  wholeness through a spiritual, social, economic, and physical change. 
  • Collaboration: The means of development are demonstrated through partnering with the local  community, like-minded organizations, and individuals. 

Essential Functions:  Pre-proposal: Serve as primary point of contact for managing and securing large grants for  governments, institutional donors and mega-individual donors. Facilitate the acquisition process for  assigned proposals. Activities include but are not limited to the following:  

  • Represent WHI and present concepts to appropriate government officials and foundation donors
  • Gather intelligence for individual sector opportunities; a) develop key understanding of sector  strategies by donor, b) follow up on specific sectoral procurement opportunities.  Assess level of risks associated with opportunity and ensure sufficient alignment with all  relevant WHI strategies at the West Africa offices and use information to make  recommendations whether or not to pursue specific opportunities. 
  • Engage and pre-position WHI with NGOs, INGOs, university colleagues, government, and for  profit entities to develop consortia
  • Work with Country Director to ensure that country offices connect with decision-makers in local  US Embassies and missions and other government embassies.
  • As requested, help build the capacity of Country Offices to engage Embassies and missions
  • Assess the sector capacity of Country Offices/partners/WHI-US.  

Proposal development: Oversee the proposal development process ensuring timely submission,  managing all components of the process and, including but not limited to the following:  Serve as proposal manager and writer as assigned or support designated proposal manager,  ensuring support/engagement of technical sector specialists, program managers, monitoring  and evaluation specialists, and finance staff, as needed.  

  • Lead WHI’s component of joint design with partners. 
  • Lead WHI’s efforts in forming consortia
  • Negotiate WHI’s role with partners
  • Develop various components of proposals including theory of change, log frame, and  outcome indicators
  • Support recruitment process to ensure identification and inclusion of qualified key personnel.
  • Strategize with WHI-US and country office on ways to integrate private funded programs with  proposal. 
  • Facilitate lessons learned after proposal development process; share key lessons with business  development colleagues.

Post-submission: Follow up with donor(s) and partner(s) as necessary. For awarded grants, ensure  complete, smooth transition to program management staff, which includes actively supporting grant  start up process. If proposal is denied, ensure debrief from donor and disseminate lessons learned to  all relevant parties.  

  • Conduct appropriate and useful field visits to assist the office, ensuring communication and  coordination with the Country Director. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Work collaboratively with team members when assigned to work as part of a team.
  • Keep informed of organizational announcements, activities and changes via regular reading of WHI  corporate communications.

Behavioral Competencies:  

  • Planning and Organizing Establishes a systematic course of action for self or others to  ensure accomplishment of a specific objective. Determines priorities and allocates time and resources effectively.
  • Balancing Multiple Priorities Balances the needs and interests of various stakeholders Advanced and makes decisions involving competing goals, objectives and alternatives. Prioritizes tasks and redirects work effort in response to changes in priorities.
  • Flexibility (Financial Compliance) Adapts easily to frequent change, to varied working  conditions and requirements, and to diverse individuals and groups. Willing to consider new ideas and approaches and apply them creatively. Views longstanding problems from different perspectives and challenges fundamental assumptions about accepted ways of doing things.
  • Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Communicates and interacts effectively with people from other cultures, religions, geographies and organizations; respects and adapts to other cultures and seeks opportunities to learn about them to enhance relationships. Understands and respects different denominations and religious traditions.
  • Relationship Building (Donor Development) Establishes rapport with people easily, developing and  maintaining a network of donor contacts that can provide financial support to WHI. Offers compromises and trade-offs to others as necessary to gain their support and participation. Proactively contacts others, despite the risk of possible rejection.
  • Problem Solving Identifies and analyzes situations and/or issues, considers options, develops and decides on solutions, recommends and/or implements and monitors appropriate solutions.
  • Teamwork (Domestic Program, Management)  Promotes and generates cooperation and teamwork among WHI program staff, between program staff and  other WHI departments, and between staff and local  ministry partners.
  • Results Orientation Demonstrates concern for achieving or surpassing results  against an internal or external standard of excellence, shows a passion for improving the delivery of services with a commitment to continuous improvement. Identifies quantitative and qualitative performance measures for area(s) of responsibility and analyzes, evaluates and reports results objectively.

Technical Competencies:  

  • Organizational Awareness Uses an understanding of how the organization works to get things done. Understands WHI’s business operations/products/services and how the organization competes. Understands the mission and work of the organization and organizational priorities. Has ministry knowledge and knowledge of the complexity of WHI, including international affiliate locations. Applies an understanding of the organization’s informal structure, culture and climate in achieving goals. For external candidates, knowledge of similarly complex organizations may substitute for WHI knowledge.
  • Program Design and Implementation Effectively designs development and relief programs  that transform communities in need. Understands how to acquire and integrate resources to support program design. Thinks creatively about how a particular program design can be put into effect in a given location. 
  • Sector Knowledge Understand current methodologies and standards associated with different sectors (e.g. food distribution, health, water, sanitation, and hygiene, microenterprise,  village partnership, protection, gifts-in-kind, etc.) and effectively applies this knowledge in designing, monitoring and evaluating programs.
  • Funding Mechanisms  Knowledge (Financial Compliance) Understands diverse funding mechanisms (e.g., cost  proposals, fixed-price grants, etc.), how they operate, and the requirements for each, and applies knowledge in  developing budgets for funding proposals. 
  • Managing Resources Identifies appropriate people, facilities, tools and  materials, time constraints, vendors, etc. for accomplishing goals. Considers potential costs and benefits of resources prior to allocating them.
  • Coaching Works to improve and reinforce performance of teammates. Facilitates their skill development by providing clear, behaviorally specific feedback, and by making or eliciting specific suggestions for improvement in a manner that builds their confidence and helps them maintain self-esteem.
  • Knowledge Management Works to enhance ability of clients/service groups to retain current, critical knowledge base by developing systems, fostering collaboration and facilitating feedback loops. Interprets and effectively communicates lessons learned to appropriate stakeholders.
  • English Language Proficiency The ability to speak, understand and write fluently in  English.

Minimum Education / Experience: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience (eight years). In addition to education or education  equivalent, requires 3-6 years work experience in international relief and development in various  geographical areas, or extensive experience in one. Direct work experience acquiring and managing grants from US Government agencies, institutional foundations or major individuals preferred. Proven  work experience leading successful proposal development processes. Demonstrated strong writing  and editing skills. Strong skills with Microsoft Office Suite. Knowledge SharePoint a plus.  

Working Environment / Conditions: Standard office environment. Domestic and international travel required (up to 40% of the time).  

Salary:  $45,000 – $60,000 USD

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