Community Liaison and Immigration Intake Assistant

40% Client Intake, 60% Community and Church Networking.
Specific Tasks and Duties:
Community and Church Networking:
• Provide monthly group education opportunities and outreach regarding immigration
issues. Maintain awareness of current immigration laws and policies.
• Maintain good working relationships with agencies assisting immigrants.
• Nurture relationships with all active NYC Council churches in order to encourage use of
and support for the NYMIP.
• Promote the program to identified target population so they know about the availability of
affordable and trustworthy immigration counseling.
• Plan a minimum of one church visit per month.
• Attend two or more community-based meetings per month.
• Co-facilitate three citizenship workshops of five sessions each annually.
• Maintain attendance sheets for all events and submit documentation to the appropriate
• Gather immigration stories from the community which can be shared to help
communicate the work.
Client intake:
• Conduct intake interviews of perspective clients and assess eligibility for various
immigration possibilities. To assist potential clients with creating a timeline of their
immigration to history assist determination of immigration relief.
• Receive intake fees and assess where a fee waiver is applicable. Attend immigration
training opportunities as needed
• Email intake documents to the Direct Service Immigration Associate within one week.
• Provide regular written reports to the NYMIP Board and MCC supervisor. Participate in
MCC and East Coast meetings as required.
• Other duties as assigned on a temporary basis
Supervision: No direct supervision.
Travel expectations: No more than 15 nights away per year
Physical Activity/Demands: There is an occasional need for Ascending or descending
stairs/ladders or the like.
There is a constant need for:
Remaining in a stationary position, often standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time;
Moving about to accomplish tasks or move from one worksite to another;
Repeating motions that may include the wrists, hands and/or fingers;
Assessing the accuracy, neatness and thoroughness of work assigned.

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