Complementary Interventions Specialist

The role of Program Support Specialist – CIV will provide subject matter expertise regarding the design and implementation of CIV interventions, except for areas covered by specific technical Program Support Specialists in the national office. Depending on the Frontline Church Partner and National Office needs, these interventions may include WaSH, infrastructure, disaster response, income generation, parental education and similar activities. This role will collaborate with other Program Support Specialists, Program Trainers and the Partnership team to ensure Compassion staff and Frontline Church Partners have appropriate support in the design, delivery and monitoring of interventions related to their expertise.

Within their area(s) of expertise, the Program Support Specialist – CIV will:

1) Serve as a SME to leadership in developing annual national intervention strategies with other relevant Program Support Specialists

2) Collaboratively design / plan interventions aligned with the national office strategy

3) Support implementation and reporting of interventions

4) Stay current with national policies, industry standards and best field practices

5) Develop and maintain networks for partnerships, strategic alliances and local resource mobilization

6) Use programmatic data to improve intervention effectiveness

7) Review and analyse relevant information received from the Monitoring & Evaluation Specialists and the GMC Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Team to determine the most appropriate interventions that will result to the achievement of Outcomes

Maintains a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Is a consistent witness for Jesus Christ, maintains a courteous, Christ-like attitude in dealing with people within and outside of Compassion, and faithfully upholds Compassion’s ministry in prayer.

Acts as an advocate to raise the awareness of the needs of children. Understands Christ’s mandate to protect children. Commits to and prioritizes child protection considerations in all decision-making, tasks and activities across the ministry. Abides by all behavioral expectations in Compassion’s Statement of Commitment to Child Protection and Code of Conduct. Reports any concerns of abuse, neglect or exploitation of children through Compassion’s internal reporting process and appropriately supports responses to incidents if they occur.

Supports overall holistic child development and provides ongoing subject matter expertise in individual areas of specialization. Aids partnership facilitators and cross-functional staff and managers by providing coaching and knowledge within area of specialty.
Supports child development community learning and improvement among staff and other stakeholders.

Regularly assesses changing need for and ability to deliver programming within area of expertise. Consolidates national and local data to identify common gaps and patterns. May develop strategy; maintains and supports the implementation of strategy within area of expertise. Provides advice in support of other strategy development with the national office as needed.

Provides skilled program design support to other staff. Supports the ongoing development and implementation of local program design in alignment with the global objectives. May provide expertise to other national office professionals, support staff and FCP staff/volunteers to ensure that Frontline Church Partners are adequately informed and equipped to provide holistic development to caregivers, children and youth.

May facilitate the identification of resource components (internal and external) for specific child development strategies and plans in support of partnership facilitator efforts with FCPs. May provide information to management and other decision-makers regarding allocation of appropriate resources. May provide input to and/or develop Interventions for funding within area of expertise.

Designs, implements, and monitors specific holistic child development strategies and interventions. Serves partnership facilitators by providing capacity-building and child/youth/caregiver engagement activities in area of expertise. May contextualize portions of curriculum relevant to their expertise or other resources for child and youth development. Works with partnership facilitators by ensuring intervention records, reports, and other documentation are accurate, complete and delivered to appropriate stakeholders.

Reviews data, reports and utilizes findings to support management and key stakeholders in improving program initiatives, interventions and child outcomes.

May provide expertise to other program support staff in the national office.

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