Constituency Engagement Manager

The Constituency Engagement Manager is a new role, designed to help the MCC’s in the U.S. plan and implement a cohesive Constituency Engagement (CE) strategy for specific priority audiences. These priority audiences currently include alumni, churches, congregations of color, plain communities, and young adults. Currently, engagement with these groups is happening piecemeal, if at all. The goal is to bring all that work together under a single strategy (with multiple plans), tied into the Marketing and Engagement work of the CDR department/network.

This is a national role, reporting to the Director of Communications and Donor Relations (CDR). The role is a convener and strategizer, helping to shape strategy and guide the implementation work being done by others. It works in close collaboration with many other departments and the regional MCC’s (for example, human resources for alumni and recruitment plans, national and regional program for congregations of color). It will help achieve MCC’s strategic direction of responsive engagement across the full range of Anabaptist churches and beyond, with an increased focus on audience-based communications, fundraising and recruitment efforts with a new generation.
In the beginning phases the focus will be on helping to develop a cohesive Constituency Engagement strategy, becoming familiar with engagement work that is currently happening through the regional MCC’s and in other departments, and identifying gaps and opportunities. The ongoing work will be to ensure that CE activities are consistent with each other and with the overall strategy and to provide additional resources where helpful and make adjustments as necessary.

Organizational values and culture: All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active church membership; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

Bachelors degree or equivalent experience accepted in lieu of degree
3-5 years relevant experience in constituency engagement, developing strategies in a non-profit organization, networking, or related experience
Ability to lead through relationship not delegated authority
Ability to move projects forward in a flat, non-hierarchical structure
Strong interpersonal and persuasion skills; empathetic listener
Systems / big picture thinker
Able to maintain healthy, effective working relationships with CDR and program staff at regional and national levels
Understanding of and appreciation for Anabaptist theology. Ability to articulate the mission and work of MCC in compelling ways and to be an effective voice for new ideas within the organization.
Strong relational, emotional intelligence, and communication skills to deepen connections with MCC leaders/staff and facilitate ways for various MCC entities/departments to engage constituents with the MCC mission and work.
Creative, innovative and flexible in outlook and approach related to engaging key constituencies in the work of MCC.
Aptitude to learn and apply best practices in constituency engagement.
Ability to think analytically about church/cultural data and trends in order to identify opportunities and challenges
Proficient computer knowledge – Microsoft Office (etc.)

Employment eligibility: Legally eligible to work in the U.S. MCC offers of employment are subject to a successful criminal background check(s).

Experience in a constituency engagement in a church or non-profit context
Familiarity with MCC systems and structures
Key Responsibilities
Specific Tasks and Duties:
Strategy creation / implementation (40%)
• Build on existing (and potentially new) data/research and institutional history/knowledge to create an effective engagement strategy which include specific plans for key constituency audiences as named above
• Play a key convener role to bring together staff to construct a comprehensive CE strategy (with individual plans for each key audience)
• Coordinate the constituency and engagement activities that are currently happening in the regional offices and/or through other departments under a single, national engagement strategy
• Offer resources, such as marketing and social media plans, that would be valuable to the regional MCCs as they connect with constituent groups
• Convene working groups for each audience as needed
• Lead a national CE network
• Co-ordinate and collaborate with Canadian colleagues as they develop CE strategies and plans

Networking and relationship-building (40%)
• Foster collaborative relationships with regional and departmental staff who participate in engagement activities
• Engage with and equip various MCC U.S. departments and MCC U.S. Regions and various leadership teams to help develop and eventually implement the CE strategy and its plans for each key audience
• Help to ensure consistent understanding among each MCC entity of each plan and its implementation
• Participate in networks as requested/required
• Assist in building relationships with key national constituencies (e.g. denominational bodies)

Admin (20%)
• Attend to the systems and processes necessary to track and measure progress toward goals.

Other duties as assigned

Please note: As this is a newly created position, there may be realignment and reassignment of various job responsibilities as necessary.

Supervision: No direct supervision.

Travel expectations: Travel in this position is required but negligible with less than 30 nights away per year.

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