Director of Administrative Services

JOB SYNOPSIS: The Director of Administrative Services is responsible for all administrative and guest services at the MCC U.S. Akron campus. The Akron MCC U.S. office is the public face of MCC for many in our constituency as well as MCC staff and service workers from around the world through attendance at meetings and orientations. The director is responsible for housing/hosting for more than 2500 guests each year. Direct responsibilities include building use, maintenance and grounds, the reception desk and the 24/7 phone line for the entire U.S. system, supplies, resources and mailing services, library/records and archives, property management, the vehicle fleet and vehicle insurance for MCCs in the U.S. The director is responsible for providing housing for temporary interns and volunteers on the Akron campus and managing the relationship with the Akron Borough. The person in this position also serves on the U.S. Management Team and may at times be the MCC senior representative on site in Akron along with the Financial Services Director. The Director of Administrative Services has a key role in assuring that MCC identity, mission, vision, and values are reflected in the experience of each Akron staff and guest. Strategic planning for the MCC Akron Campus is an important part of the role.


Administrative/management/supervision 80% Operational 20%

Specific Tasks and Duties:

Management/Supervision – 35%

Hire, supervise and lead Administrative Services staff.

Direct the Guest Services (hosting, dining, housekeeping), Maintenance and Grounds, Supplies/Resources/Mailing and Records/Archives teams.

Maintain accurate job descriptions, ensure adequate staffing to serve the organization, and complete annual performance/end of term appraisals.

Report on Administrative Services activities to the MCC U.S. board as requested

Administration/Operations – 30%

Prepare program plans and budget annually for the Akron physical plant and campus. Ensure proper functioning with focus on strategic planning for the Akron campus.

Act as authorized signatory for MCC U.S., including documents such as international fuel tax agreements (Material Resources), matching gift documents (Donor Relations) etc.

Manage MCC’s 7 residential rental units in 4 buildings, and church rentals – Manage relationships and rental contracts with long term organizational renters, update leases on an annual basis; serve as primarily liaison with property management company.

Process annual real estate/property and school tax billings in collaboration with FS.

Manage MCC’s vehicle fleet and serve as a primary contact with MCCs vehicle insurance company in the U.S. for vehicle incidents, in collaboration with FS Consult and collaborate with the equivalent colleagues at other MCC offices on issues of mutual concern, especially concerning office life.

Track renewal dates for government certifications [i.e. Dining Hall] etc.

Chair the Akron office Emergency Management Team and participate in the system wide Emergency Management Team (IT). Co-chair (with HR) the MCC U.S.-wide Safety Committee (addresses workplace safety and health regarding insurance requirements).

Consult/manage relationship with Akron Borough and other officials as necessary for building or renovation.

Administration/Office and Hosting – 35%

Develop and improve procedures, norms and forms to ensure safe and quality hosting for all guests

Supervise work with outside groups planning meetings and retreats at the Welcoming Place to create excellent experiences and ensure excellent services.

Plan and implement 12th street office arrangements, including space allocations and improvements for all departments in collaboration with other management team members.

Manage strong communication to the Akron office and MCC U.S. staff on daily “happenings” in MCC, through the AOS.

Select and purchase office equipment such as furniture, etc.

Provide orientation and support to new office staff.

Attend to a healthy office life on the Akron campus through coordination of staff lunches, weekly all staff breaks and other staff activities.

Chair Akron office life committee which provides a forum for discussion of issues related to office life, and oversees planning of office-wide social events, such as the summer picnic and the Christmas banquet.

Maintain updated Office Handbook, collaborating with HR and other colleagues to ensure Handbook and procedures match MCC policies.

Oversee the MCC U.S. Office-based Internship program in collaboration with Executive Office.

Carry out other assignments on a temporary basis, as determined by Executive or Associate Executive Director, including being the onsite representative for MCC.

Other duties as assigned on a temporary basis

Supervision: This position directly supervises 10 employees including managers of six sub-departments (guest services, dining hall, housekeeping, maintenance and grounds, supplies/resources/mailing, records and archives) in a department of 17 people and oversees on-call staff used by Administrative Services. Responsible for program and budget planning, problem-solving and performance appraisals. Responsible for lodging of temporary interns and volunteers on the Akron campus.

Travel expectations: Negligible. Travel less than 30 nights away per year (example to board meetings) within the U.S. or Canada

Physical Activity/Demands:

Occasionallyascending or descending stairs/ladders or the like.

Constantly remaining in a stationary position, often standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Occasionally moving about to accomplish tasks or move from one worksite to another.

Constantly repeating motions that may include the wrists, hands and/or fingers.

Occasionally operating motor vehicles or heavy equipment.

Constantly assessing the accuracy, neatness and thoroughness of work assigned.

Not regularly exposed to adverse environmental conditions.


Organizational values and culture: All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active church membership; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.


Bachelors degree or equivalent experience in administration and management.

Minimum 3 years of experience in a similar administrative role.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Skills in spiritual leadership

Interculturally competent

Technologically proficient in Microsoft Office and experience with various software systems.

Experience in planning, monitoring and evaluating budgets.

Knowledge of administrative and clerical systems and procedures.

Working knowledge of resource allocation and staff coordination.

Employment eligibility: Legally eligible to work in the U.S. MCC offers of employment are subject to a successful criminal background check(s).


Bilingual Spanish-English

Anti-oppression commitment: MCC expects all staff to actively participate in an organization culture that focuses on dismantling any barriers based on race, economic inequality or gender-based oppression. This includes an expectation to assess and address any barriers within themselves, within their team(s), and within MCC; supervisors are expected to take leadership in assessing and addressing these barriers.

Safeguarding commitment: All MCC Staff are expected to work collaboratively to create and maintain an organizational culture that prevents and responds to situations of abuse of power (sexual harassment, child abuse, racism, exploitation, and fraud among other situations).

All MCC managers are expected to work collaboratively to create and maintain an organizational culture that prevents and responds to situations of abuse of power (sexual harassment, child abuse, racism, exploitation, and fraud among other situations). Managers at all levels have responsibilities to support, promote, and develop systems that maintain this environment.

Support the Executive Directors and Board in establishing and maintaining organization culture that prevents and responds to situations of abuse of power.

This job description is designed to be a thorough list of the employee’s responsibilities. It may not be an exhaustive list of duties, particularly for short-term duties that may arise. This Job Description will be reviewed and updated at least annually to ensure recurring and routine duties are included in this job description.

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