Director of Curriculum & Training Design

TITLE: Director of Curriculum & Training Design
REPORTS TO: VP of Curriculum & Economic Development Programs
LOCATION: The Chalmers Center (Lookout Mountain, GA, USA) (Eastern Time)
DEADLINE: December 31, 2022

POSITION SUMMARY: Reporting directly to the VP of Curriculum & Economic Development Programs, the Director of Curriculum & Training Design serves as the leader of the Curriculum & Training team. This role is responsible for overseeing the creation and continuous improvement of the curriculum & training component of Chalmers programs according to our principles and best practices. The director creates and refines guidance for Curriculum & Training standards and procedures; collaborates with program experts in developing new program content; and oversees the continuous improvement, maintenance, and/or adaptation of program content for users and partners who equip the church around the world to walk alongside people who are poor.


I. Leadership and Guidance
– Commit to pray and advocate for the poor and the church in light of the mission of the Chalmers Center
– Manage a team of Instructional Designers to develop effective curriculum & training and promote a healthy team culture that achieves organizational strategy and goals
– Implement the curriculum & training design process to ensure that new and existing products provide the intended user experience and outcomes
– Refine and uphold curriculum & training standards in line with Chalmers design principles on poverty alleviation, learning design development best practices, and biblical/theological integration

II. Program Content Development
– In conjunction with the Chief of Staff, develop and gain approval for project plans for content development according to C&T workflow
– In conjunction with the VP of Curriculum & Economic Development Programs, oversee the work of Instructional Designers assigned to projects across the organization as prioritized by Leadership.
– Train and mentor Instructional Designers through consistent feedback and review on content production
– Ensure principles of dialogue education, active adult learning, and biblical integration are observed in content and according to Chalmers Integrate manual.
– Ensure consistent voice and culturally contextualized application of Chalmers’ design principles to all program content
– Bridge the gap between expert content and accessible implementation at the grassroots level, bringing natural curiosity and joyful connection across teams

III. Continuous Improvement/Adaptations
– Oversee simultaneous project timelines for implementation of C&T workflow process, including project plan, external/interview review, feedback integration, copy edits, translation, piloting and revision of program content
– Support field staff to capture ongoing stakeholder feedback for continuous improvements of curriculum & training, ensuring alignment with advancements in best practices
– In conjunction with Global Strategic Partners and Economic Development teams, create program content adaptations for strategic partners

– Commitment to the Vision & Mission of the Chalmers Center
– Demonstrates commitment to both the Lausanne Covenant and the Chalmers Center’s unique statement of faith
– Embodies a humble listening and learning posture when working with colleagues, churches and partners
– Acts courageously to overcome obstacles and remains hopeful for people living in poverty
– Flourishes in a collaborative, multi-cultural team environment in mutual dependence upon the Holy Spirit
– Demonstrates significant cross-cultural experience, particularly in training/facilitation (US and global), high cultural intelligence, and intercultural sensitivity. Proficient reading/listening/speaking in French and/or Spanish preferred.
– Outstanding communications skills, both oral and written, when leading various training, curriculum, and external program engagements and for content creation
– Ability to oversee, manage, and organize multiple projects with competing priorities, while also playing an extensive role as individual contributor on various projects
– Demonstrates expert, in-depth knowledge in best practices of curriculum development, facilitated learning, dialogue education and adult learning design across a variety of modes (online, print, video, etc.) and in both US and global poverty contexts
– Comfortable with online learning environments and use of software/apps to manage work, communicate, create tools, etc. (G-Suite, Canva, LMS systems, and other platforms for everyday office-based work)
– Demonstrates fluency in the principles and practices of holistic ministry and asset-based community development
– Exhibits the ability to integrate sound biblical and theological knowledge into various kinds of technical content for Chalmers programs
– Demonstrates flexibility, adaptability, and creative problem-solving amidst changing pressures and demands (with a sense of humor about it all)
– Master’s degree in relevant field and 5+ or more years of relevant work experience.
– Ability to travel domestically and globally up to 15%


Dear Candidate and Future Colleague,

The Chalmers Center is looking for a Director of Curriculum & Training Design to join our team. Could this be you?

Let me tell you where we are. Like many industries, the COVID era has changed the world of curriculum and training. Our team is looking for a nimble, flexible professional eager to get curriculum and training content in the hands of users journeying directly with people living in poverty in the US, Africa, Latin America, and beyond. In other words, you are called to get the good stuff down to the grassroots folks who need to know it in whatever format is necessary and effective – print, hybrid, online tools and resources, etc. The colleague we need can both lead and execute instructional design using the Chalmers curriculum design process with gracious oversight, juggling multiple projects and ensuring stakeholders are heard and deadlines are met. And when that curriculum gets old and out of date, the director can lead a process gathering feedback and research to bring the work back to the cutting edge and best practice.

On the Curriculum & Training team, we build holistic program tools that churches can use—in the US and around the world—to walk relationally with people who are poor. We also maintain these tools, ensuring they stay in sync with the latest research and feedback from the field. At Chalmers, we have a knack for forming new ideas and calling the church toward innovative solutions to poverty. However, it can be challenging to turn those ideas into practical learning tools and to maintain them over the long-term. The Curriculum & Training team bridges these realities—innovative new ideas and long-term program maintenance for those deployed on the field.

It’s a large task, and we’re a small team. We are looking for someone with these traits:

– Bridge builder. You love working across teams and with the field to create and maintain curriculum that connects and is current and excellent. Your greatest joy is to see a facilitator in the field use a training guide and watch the program participants light up with understanding, knowing how to apply what they are learning to real life situations.

– Content creation. You’re a natural at putting together usable learning materials. From assessments and essays to handouts or eLearning quizzes, you’re a whiz at creating and synthesizing information—no matter the mode. And if you aren’t creating it, you can serve as a reviewer/editor to align the work with best practices in highly-engaging adult learning (e.g., Global Learning Partners as a model of dialogue education). Even better, you’ve had some experience doing this in the world of church, anti-poverty work, and/or holistic ministry. In a nutshell, you have the ability to oversee and execute, flexing with the demands of a small team and a big vision. Juggling a variety of projects keeps you happily engaged.

– Continuous improvement guru. Not only do you possess a skill set that can take ideas and translate them into replicable tools and courses, but you are also masterful at oversight of a revision process for our products. An all-around executor, you have the systems chops and interpersonal skills to bring together internal/external expertise and field data into a continuous improvement process. And you like doing it!

– Problem solver. You’re a self-starter when it comes to solving problems. Your natural curiosity leads you to discover new solutions. You see what needs to be done and you get ahead of it. You’re innovative and always on the lookout for new best practices—yet your adoption of them is judicious. You’re a visionary for the work, but ultimately a systematic and pragmatic manager and implementer despite the ambiguity of cross-cultural work.

– Curious integrator. You enjoy a good discussion and are familiar with the theological principles and nuance within the world of evangelicalism. You believe the discussion becomes richer when differing cultural perspectives are represented at the table and delight in listening to the ideas of others because you believe it makes our work better. And you can share your knowledge and learnings with graciousness and good nature across topics integral to the position: learning, intercultural dynamics, scripture, community development, etc.

Could this be a fit for you and for us? If you believe so, upload a cover letter explaining why you have the right wiring and experience for this role. Kindly include a resume, along with a portfolio of samples of your work, and upload it in the BambooHR portal. As you send over your portfolio, think of this as starting the interview process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Susan Greener, Ph.D.
Vice President of Curriculum and Economic Development Programs

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