Director of Operations

For over 35 years, India Partners has helped to meet the needs of people in India suffering without
food, education, shelter, medical care, and more. We are a faith-based non-profit and serve all
regardless of caste, religion, gender, or creed.

The Director of Operations is responsible for leading the day-to-day activities of the organization.
This position will provide leadership, direction, and guidance of IP’s activities; analyze and evaluate
the effectiveness of all operations; develop and maintain organizational structure and effective
personnel; coordinate major activities through staff and conduct staff reviews.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must believe in and be passionate about the core
values of India Partners and be driven by a larger vision. This position will be responsible for duties
in a variety of these areas:

a) Be informed concerning all of India Partners’ programs and projects
b) Conduct all work anchored in the principles of sound Biblical stewardship
c) Develop and implement plans, policies, and goals to further strategic objectives including
continuous review, improvement, and administration of all business systems
d) Ensure that the organization makes consistent and timely progress towards the goals within
its strategic plan
e) See that the CEO and Board are kept fully informed on the condition of the organization,
and all important internal and external factors affecting it
f) Provide leadership in developing programmatic, organizational, and financial plans with the
staff, CEO and Board of Directors
g) Ensure print, digital, radio, and all other types of fundraising communications are executed
optimally and cohesively

a) Plan, organize, direct, and coordinate fiscal operations
b) Communicate any major financial issues with the CEO and Board
c) Ensure the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of all financial accounting and reporting
d) Guide IP in drafting financial policies and an annual budget for Board approval
e) Guide IP in preparing the annual audit and Form 990 for Board approval
f) Approve finance requisitions, grant disbursements, and signing of checks
g) Manage cash flow to keep IP financially strong, and reserves saved for the future
h) Work with staff to research, write, edit, and submit grant proposals and grant reports, and
make sure IP follows the conditions of various grants

a) Ensure that an effective staff team, with appropriate delineation, delegation, and cross
training, is in place
b) Maintain a climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse staff of top-quality people
c) Encourage and guide staff and volunteer development, spirituality, and training
d) Communicate with the CEO and Board on any major personnel issues
e) Guide the drafting of personnel policies for CEO and Board approval
f) Develop, maintain, and keep updated employee procedures and job descriptions
g) Be responsible for the recruitment, hiring, training, pay, benefits, promotion, and release of
personnel, both paid staff and volunteers
h) Supervise & coordinate employees & volunteers, monitor workflow & give feedback
i) Ensure that regular performance evaluations are held
j) Help staff to set and achieve annual goals and objectives
k) Discipline staff and resolve personnel conflicts, if needed
l) Oversee employee benefits, including requests for time off

a) Jointly, with the CEO, Chair, and officers of the Board of Directors, execute legal documents
and conduct official correspondence of the organization, as needed
b) Guide the drafting of administrative policies for CEO and Board approval
c) Ensure IP’s compliance in accordance with all governmental legislation, regulations, and
guidelines pertinent to IP’s role as an employer and not-for-profit agency
d) Manage the office. Assure the office is open and running at peak efficiency
e) Oversee the purchase, maintenance, repair and replacement of office equipment and
furniture (printers and copiers, telephone system, fax, chairs, desks, etc.)
f) Manage the information technology (hardware, database, software, and network)
g) Set agenda and conduct weekly staff meetings to disseminate pertinent information
h) Assure the IP staff, events, and travel calendar is maintained and up to date
i) Coordinate the staff prayer and devotion schedule
j) Assist with donor relations, as needed
k) Assist in other office duties, as needed (answering phones, helping with A/R, etc.)

a) With staff, manage IP’s involvement in programs and projects India
b) Manage the review and development of partner project applications from India
c) Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of field projects, grants, and teams
d) Communicate and work with the Field Representative in India
e) Correspond with partners in India on a regular basis
f) Oversee the process of partner applications from new charities (NGO’s) in India
g) Help organize a partners’ training & fellowship conference in India, as needed

This position will also include any other duties deemed necessary by the supervisor.

We offer a complete benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life, SEP-IRA, and PTO.

Please send cover letter and resume to:

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