Director of Savings Group Operations

The Director of SG Operations is responsible for the oversight and continuing development of HOPE SG program operations. The Director of SG Operations leads SG’s global model and methodology development inclusive of core methodology and reporting/data tools for use by HOPE field offices and partners and also oversees HOPE SG’s global quality assurance and budget/reforecasting processes. As such, the position has a high degree of collaboration with SG field leadership, specifically regional and country leadership, supporting their implementation responsibilities. As a key participant within the SG Leadership team, he/she also works in close collaboration with HOPE’s corporate and SG risk management staff, as well as finance staff in relation to compliance and budget/reforecast.

Location: Lancaster, PA or Durham, NC , United States

Level: Management

Type: Full-time

Department: Operations

Reports to: Senior Director of Savings Group Programs

Position supervises: Savings Group Program Project Coordinator

Promote and fulfill the mission and vision of HOPE International
Program Leadership
As the point person for program operations, provide guidance to SG leadership team in regard to achievement of SG program operations objectives
Participate in the ongoing development of HOPE’s SG strategy and objectives
Support team members in the overall, collaborative leadership of the department
Maintain close, collaborative engagement with SG regional leaders in the support of their needs and responsibilities in relation to the development and implementation of program operations
Build effective relationships with key CSU and external stakeholders which promote the unity of purpose and positive working relations
Program Methodology
Oversee the implementation and continuous improvement of SG program methodology for HOPE-led and HOPE-partner programs in support of overall mission and objectives
Assist in the assessment and incorporation of appropriate contextualization of methodology within HOPE-managed and Partner-managed models
Establish tracking and monitoring tools and processes for ensuring the ongoing successful operation of SG methodology
Establish mechanisms for actively engaging SG leadership (field and CSU) as well as partner leadership in ongoing improvement and feedback processes
Quality and Compliance
Oversee development and ongoing refinement of SG field operational quality assurance processes including periodic reporting and monitoring
In collaboration with HOPE risk management staff and departments (SG, IA, ERM), develop policies, procedures, and associated processes for risk management of SG program operations
Ensure regional leadership is appropriately equipped for effective implementation of, and compliance with, SG quality and compliance policies and procedures
Financial and Data Reporting
Establish and implement enterprise-wide reporting tools related specifically to SG program operations (methodology, training, quality) providing management-level and corporate data on performance
Oversee SG field budget and forecasting processes, including the approval of field budget and reforecasts
Technical Management and Development
Identify appropriate technical support to field operations in relation to program operations (methodology, quality, training, reporting, and budget)
In collaboration with field leadership, develop methods of continuous improvement and capacity building in regard to the above
Strategic Planning and Development
Provide leadership in the collaborative development of annual and longer-term SG strategies
Lead review and monitoring of progress toward achievement of SG strategic objectives
Explore and make recommendations on strategic enhancements to the HOPE SG ministry in relation to model and methodology, partners, and geographic reach
As requested, take a leadership role in oversight of SG-wide strategic projects and initiatives
Spiritual Integration and Christian Witness
Ensure that SG spiritual integration objectives are present within existing and proposed elements of program operations
Ensure that HOPE’s Christian witness is the primary consideration in word and deed
HOPE Representation
Represent the mission, values, and culture of HOPE in all aspects of responsibilities
Provide support to external-facing departments (Marketing, Development, Finance) as requested in a manner that promotes HOPE’s mission, values and culture
Personal confession of Christian faith and commitment to the mission and vision of HOPE International
Experience in international development, with a preference for some of that experience being in microfinance or savings group programs
Experience living and working cross-culturally is preferred
Proficiency in the program and/or process methodology, particularly in relation to development programming
Proven track record and experience in overseeing multi-faceted program operations
Proficiency with Excel as a tool for data input, reporting, review, and analysis
Demonstrated ability to oversee development, scoping, and ultimately successful completion of enterprise-wide projects
Qualifying degree in international development, business administration, or similar field of study
Skilled leader, with an excellent understanding of cross-cultural communications, workplace relationships, church relations, and the ability to relate to and effectively motivate staff
Fluent in spoken and written English; proficiency in other languages a plus
Excellent written, verbal, and computer-based communication skills
Passion to help people that have been brought low by war, genocide, poverty, or other circumstances to regain hope, dignity, and the ability to support themselves and their families
Highly flexible and creative in coping with complex and potentially stressful situations; able to work cross-culturally with demonstrated sensitivity to learning from and respecting cultural differences
Assertive self-starter with demonstrated ability to work independently and in collaboration with a team

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