English Language Program Coordinator


  • MCC provides food and housing support while on assignment, along with support for necessary in-country travel. Assigned volunteers are responsible for providing their own health insurance and travel to/from assignment. After the assignment ends, interested participants are encouraged to share their experiences with family, friends, church, community and beyond through storytelling

Location Description:

  • The Volunteer would be based at the Meserete Kristos Seminary in Bishoftu, a town located in the East Shewa Zone that sits at an elevation of 1,920 meters. Formerly known as ‘Debre Zeyit’ or the Mount of Olives, the town was renamed in the late 1990s. The town is located along the main highway, 40km south-east of Addis Ababa, about a 1.5-hour drive from the MCC office. Five crater lakes surround the town, which make it a tourist attraction for the region.

    The Seminary itself is located in a quiet and rural part of the town. Students live on campus in dormitories and eat together in a cafeteria. Most of the students are from Ethiopia, but there are a few international students from other parts of East Africa, including Kenya and Tanzania. Most students attend one of the Meserete Kristos Church (MKC) churches nearby, with services in Amharic or Oromifa. A small international congregation (mostly supported by Dutch missionaries living in the area) worships in English at the seminary on Sundays.

    Bishoftu is situated at a lower altitude than Addis Ababa (which tends to be quite cold at night), but it still has very moderate temperatures ranging from 9 degrees Celsius at night to 29 degrees Celsius during the hottest months. The rainy season is from June – September (it rains reliably every day) with occasional rains the rest of the year, generally in February and March.

    Bishoftu is relatively close to Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, home to approximately eight million people (and five million donkeys!). There are many buildings and roads being constructed and, increasingly, the capital has a modern feel. A light rail system crosses the city North to South and East to West. The city is vast, gritty and sprawling, so movement across the city is not very easy at rush hour.

    There are many products available in Addis including a variety of locally grown and some imported food, technology, and hygiene products. Imported items are quite expensive. There are several malls and English movie theaters. Bowling, laser tag, and a skate-board park are available. There is a riding stables nearby with decent horses. Gyms are available although the membership is high. There is a vast botanical garden and arboretum at the edge of town, although caution is always necessary when leaving downtown. Personal safety in the city is generally good, although pickpocketing and petty crime are increasing.

    There are several English-speaking congregations in Addis Ababa with a variety of worship styles. Meserete Kristos Church (MKC) services are held in Amharic. Medical care to a Western standard is available at two recommended clinics in Addis. Dental care is adequate. Nairobi is a two-hour flight away and is recommended for major surgeries and/or medical issues.


  • All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active participation in a Christian church or Christian community; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

    Desired Qualifications
    M.A. in TESOL or Applied Linguistics
    10 years of teaching experience in a multi-level English program, preferably in a university
    Willingness to be immersed in the seminary community, including eating meals in the dining hall, learning some Amharic and participating in a local MK church
    ​Invitations to serve with MCC are contingent on the successful outcome of criminal background check(s).

Job Synopsis:

  • The Meserete Kristos Seminary is the largest institution training pastors and church leaders in Ethiopia. Seminary courses are normally offered in English as the langauge of instruction. However, many seminary students enter theological education from the public education system, which does not typically prepare students with strong English language stills. Some students are able in English, but others need intensive instruction in English writing and comprehension. This position is designed to help coordinate a program for English Language instruction that will practically prepare students to get the most out of their seminary education.


  • Limited contact outside local community; Far distance to emergency medical care; Limited mental health services available; Work requires healthy boundaries; Diverse group of stakeholders; Limited internet connectivity; Limited dietary options; Use of public transit required; Local church not supportive to LGTBQ+ persons; Local area not supportive to LGTBQ+ persons

Key Responsibilities:

  • 1. Assist in implementing the newly structured English language program (consisting of three components: a summer intensive program, three levels of instruction during the academic year, and a course on study skills and academic writing)
    2. Place students in one of three levels of instruction (English 1, English 2, and Advanced)
    3. Revise the placement test (as needed) to be used in each new academic year*
    4. Revise the curriculum and course objectives (as needed) for the English courses*
    5. Revise course materials (as needed) to be used in the English courses*
    6. Teach all English classes during the intensive program and academic year
    7. Consult with MKS faculty about the English-language needs of students
    8. If needed, assist in hiring English teachers who will be effective in meeting course objectives
    9. Assist in increasing teacher effectiveness (may include workshops, observations, feedback)
    10. Coordinate program work with the Academic Dean and Registrar
    11. Write quarterly and annual reports
    12. Attend faculty meetings

    *in coordination with Cynthia Yoder from abroad

    Notes on the English Language Curriculum
    1. The curriculum to be developed shall be student-centered, allowing students to be actively engaged in the learning process.
    2. Rather than being given knowledge about English, students will practice using English during each class hour with a focus on collaboration and communication.
    3. Language skills shall be integrated, with a focus on speaking and writing.
    4. A process approach to writing shall be implemented whereby students receive feedback on their writing and then edit and revise their writing (weekly or bi-weekly).
    5. All teachers will follow a standard curriculum with standardized assignments and assessments.

    Possible Secondary Duties:
    1. Provide language support to MKS in the form of editing and workshops (e.g. report writing)
    2. Offer Continuing Education Classes (to generate income and promote MKS in greater Bishoftu)
    3. Arrange extracurricular activities for students in English
    4. Assist with English-language chapels

    For the new structure to be successful, the seminary agrees to:
    1. Schedule MKS classes in time blocks reserved only for English language classes
    2. Limit English class size to 30
    3. Hire enough teachers to cover the needed classes
    4. Print copies of all course materials so that each student in each class has a copy
    5. Provide the program coordinator with an office, computer, printer, ink, internet access, etc.

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