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Vacancy Announcement – Executive Assistant


Amazi Water Full-time
Executive Assistant Executive Director Burundi Immediately

Amazi Water is the primary, in-country partner for clean water projects in Burundi. In collaboration with others, we are developing a national water strategy with the goal of providing sustainable access to clean water in every community by the end of 2028.


Amazi Water is seeking dynamic and eager person to join our Team.

  • Manage and execute delegated tasks and errands.
  • Provide stack assistance in line with Traction process to support handling of information coming in and out.
  • Respond to emails, delete junk and summarize informational. Including donor thank you.
  • Daily check-in whether working from home or office or one is traveling
Follow Up:
  • Reports from departments and teams
  • Coordinate the ED’s schedule and manage time for:
    •  Work & Meetings
    • Regular days off
    • Regular visits both to construction and field teams
    • Project and consultant check-ins
    • Regular staff days, applicant days, partner days, onboarding days

• Helping prepare for meetings or interviews Organization

  • Files for archived stored securely and accessible
  • Marketing folders, brochures and business cards available
  • Managing office paper, ink, cleaning, stocking and functionality

• Support the ED‘s expense reports in Expensify (American Express,Personal Reimbursement, and Travel)

  • Supporting travel plans and bookings
  • Complete orders with local vendors
  • Submitting receipts for reimbursement
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Pilot projects
  • Before a job or role becomes full time, we usually will have a pilot test project
Personal Support
  • Check in with staff at house
  • Helping provide necessary funds to staff at house Other
  • Confidentiality is important for salaries, donated amounts and legal issues we are working through
  • Taking minutes during meetings and being available for translation
  • Helping the Leadership Team being more effective with TIME and connect with the teammembers and partners for better SUPPORT.
  • High Degree School
  • Diploma or certification is a plus
  • Experience in communication, management, travel is a plus
  • Experience in multi national Business or NGO,
  • Experience in communication, management, travel is a plus,
  • Support Amazi Water leadership team by managing schedules, communication and supporttasks.
  • Flexible work schedule and location.
  • Excellent MS Office Knowledge
  • French and English required, Kirundi a plus. Knowledge of :
  • Organisation
  • Decision Making
  • Discretion and judgment
  • Detail-oriented
  • Planning
  • Relationship building
  • A love for Burundi and Jesus Christ
  • Passion for learning and the ability to continue to grow and stretch your skills to adaptto the changing needs of the Organization
  • Commitment to the Organization, constantly exceed expectations and high level ofteam collaboration
  • Ability to communicate with government offices and field partners
  • Understanding of the need and benefit of clean water
  • SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION: Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit their Resume (French and/or English) and complete an Amazi Water application to Application form can be found on our website

All applications need to be submitted by 31st July 2020 We may close application early, if we receive sufficient applications before the closing date.

Only candidates who meet the above criteria will be contacted.

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