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World Vision is now hiring for Grassroots Organizer

00 At a Glance

Role: Grassroots Organizer
Level: Associate
Job Design: 60% Volunteer Advocate communication and support; 20% training and resource development; 20% strategy, reporting and other Volunteer Advocate Community management.
Required Experience: 3-5 years community organizing, political campaigns, government service or issue-based advocacy; public speaking; digital communication and/or resource development; event planning. See section 05 below for more.
Preferred Experience: Volunteer program and database management; experience living or working in another country or in diverse cultural/economic contexts; work or volunteer experience with faith-based organizations; website and/or graphic design. See section 06 below for more.
Location: Seattle, WA area (office is located in Federal Way, WA), Washington DC. Remote work is available during the COVID-19 pandemic. Willing to consider a remote work arrangement.
Salary Range: $55K-65K (approx. DOE)
Benefits: Yes. Visit to learn more.

Company Size: 900+ (World Vision USA) / 37,000 worldwide (World Vision International)

01 The Job: At World Vision USA we invite people to positively impact the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children through charitable giving – but we don’t stop there. We also leverage our Christian voice to challenge the systems that allow global poverty and injustice to exist in the first place. We back policies that have broad, bipartisan support in Congress. In fact, in the past decade, our advocacy has helped pass nearly one new law every year that empowers kids to fulfill their God-given potential, ensuring they’re better fed, educated, and protected. What’s the key to this kind of influence? The Church. People of faith equipped and mobilized for advocacy with their elected officials. That’s where you come in. As the Grassroots Organizer, you’ll join World Vision’s Advocacy Mobilization team – a group of seven high-performers that engage World Vision supporters to contact their members of Congress about the bills and issues that matter most in the fight against global poverty. You’ll report to the Grassroots Organizing Manager and, with the support of the Advocacy Mobilization Associate, you’ll manage and mobilize our growing Volunteer Advocate Community. Approximately 100 grassroots and grasstops advocates are learning how to develop relationships with their members of Congress to increase their support for global development. You’ll recruit new advocates from priority congressional districts, teach and equip them to strategically influence their representatives to accomplish World Vision’s goals, ensure they stay active and engaged, and create the resources and tools they’ll need to increase their impact. You’ll coach advocates of diverse backgrounds, ages, experience levels and political persuasions. You’ll succeed by navigating the complexities of a large organization, collaborating with donor representatives across the country to ensure each advocate’s experience is integrated with their broader World Vision partnership and to advance advocacy opportunities within various donor channels. You’ll be an advocate for advocacy – sometimes speaking publicly about its importance and educating staff and donors about how they can participate. You’ll celebrate every advocate victory, large and small, knowing that each bill we help pass has the potential to improve millions of lives. You’ve likely filled a similar role with another organization, but the wins won’t be as fulfilling as they will be here. Because at World Vision, you’ll have the ability – the calling – to fully integrate your faith into the process. You’ll pray for and with our advocates. You’ll give them courage to pray for their representatives, you’ll use faith-rooted advocacy tactics that go beyond secular activism and minister to congressional leaders and their staff at a heart level. You’ll treasure that you can apply your passion and skills to advocacy that doesn’t manipulate leaders but instead relies on God for outcomes. It’s the advocacy you didn’t know existed. At World Vision our ultimate dream is to see more children, families, and communities affected by poverty experience the fullness of life that God intends for them. Do you share in this dream with us and so many others? We hope so. Reach out and let us know.

02 What success looks like: (1) You help lead our thinking on how to increase support in Congress for World Vision priorities. You create strategies for how to leverage the unique voice of Volunteer Advocates in partnership with our policy advisors in Washington, D.C. You’re politically savvy, partnering with the Grassroots Organizing Manager in strategy development, ensuring our efforts focus on the most relevant players in Congress to advance our policy goals. You increase our team’s impact by helping recruit advocates in key congressional districts and training them to engage strategically, so that members of Congress can be respond supportively to what they ask. (2) You care deeply for people from all walks of life and champion the value of every voice, from high school students to high net worth donors. You coach even the most novice advocates to success, giving them courage and direction. You secure ever-deepening commitments from advocates and partnership from colleagues toward shared goals. You minister to advocates and congressional leaders with diverse faith backgrounds, praying for and with them regularly, helping them situate their roles within the missional work of God. You encourage advocates to engage elected officials respectfully and faithfully – even ones they disagree with. (3) You create on-brand, easy-to-understand training materials: guides, webinars, videos, conference calls, podcasts, in-person events, web pages – you name it. You take an active role in our content and engagement planning and ensure our training methods and materials are fresh, relevant, and useful. (4) You take the initiative with Volunteer Advocates so that no one falls through the cracks. You cheer them on, inspire them to stay engaged, support them when they struggle. You keep at least 70% of the Volunteer Advocate Community actively engaging throughout the year. You manage our member database and maintain meticulous tracking habits to inform our content and engagement strategies and reporting.

03 Where this job could take your career: World Vision USA is a part of the larger World Vision International partnership. Globally, we have over 37,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries. Just over 900 of us call World Vision USA home. You’ll have opportunities to advance within our robust and talented group of professionals as you continue to stretch and grow your career for the future.

04 About World Vision USA: When you work at World Vision, your passions and talents come together to meet the greatest needs in the world today. We go to ends of the earth and into the margins. Where few go and the road is less traveled. Because Jesus is alive in the hardest places to be a child. We are dangerously soft-hearted. But just the right kind of dangerous. That’s because we’re a global Christian humanitarian organization. We partner with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. We empower people out of poverty. For real. For good. For nearly the last 70 years. Jesus’ love at the center. Always. We’re Christian and follow Jesus’ example to show unconditional love to the poor and oppressed. Serving every child we can regardless of faith. Are you feeling called to explore joining us? We hope so.

05 You Bring: A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Political Science, Sociology, Management, Global Studies, or equivalent. In addition to education or education equivalent, this role requires 3-5 years of experience in community organizing, political campaigns, or issue-based advocacy.

06 Additional skills we’re interested in: Do you get energy from conversations about faith and politics? Do you long to apply a theology of justice to real-world, global challenges? You’re friendly, kind, encouraging, mature. You like juggling a lot of different projects at once and can prioritize them in partnership with your manager to make sure you succeed. You can handle moving parts and can work to create clarity and focus in the face of unknowns. You’re a gifted counselor, mentor, coach and partner. Volunteer program and database management; experience living or working in another country or in diverse cultural/economic contexts; work or volunteer experience with faith-based organizations; website and/or graphic design.

07 Let your work be your faith in action Every day, nearly 15,000 children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes. Our call to action is urgent. That’s why we’re looking for someone who is ready to place their expertise behind helping the world’s most vulnerable children. Every project, every shoot, every edit can help influence whether someone chooses to help today or not. If not you, then who?

08 Salary Range & Benefits See approximate range above. In addition, we have a robust and comprehensive benefits package to round out our total compensation package. Visit to learn more.

09 To Apply: Press the apply button on this page. Still not sure? I’d really like to hear from you, even if it’s just to ask some questions about the job or have a chat in confidence. Message Chad in Talent Acquisition at 253-815-2216 (text ok) or Connect with me on LinkedIn over at

10 What happens next? Glad you asked. We owe you that and strive to not leave you wondering. We review applications nearly every day assessing strength of fit for the role. Sometimes questions arise on our end so we message you to learn more. Short-listed candidates are contacted for an initial phone conversation with our recruiting staff. Moving deeper into our selection process you can expect to interview 1:1 with a hiring manager. Finalists normally participate in a panel interview where the opportunity to meet additional members of our staff lends itself to more of a 360-view of the role. Our most valuable resource is our talented staff. Our goal is to fill this vacancy with the right person in the shortest amount of time, so we have all hands-on deck to move this important work forward.

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