Impact Reporting Coordinator 


We’re looking for a detail-oriented, data-loving maestro to ensure the impact of donor gifts are reported  with excellence. 

What you’ll do: 

As the Impact Reporting Coordinator, you’ll use donor information, project data, and genuine gratitude  to support the flawless execution of the donor journey. In collaboration with the Director of Donor  Engagement you’ll support both our Development and Programs teams, helping implement gratitude  initiatives while taking full ownership over the quality (and timely review) of all project impact reports sent  from the field to donors. 

Your responsibilities facilitate retention and growth through personalized donor engagement and  meaningful project reporting that conveys the impact of donations—showing donors how their gifts are  directly used in the field to bring clean and living water to the unreached. 

What you’re responsible for… 


  • Quality control and editing of all project impact reports in a timely manner and to the highest quality standards (this includes beneficiary testimonies, photos, project data) 
  • Considering the risks for our local partners and project beneficiaries as well as the perspective of donors with regard to information presented in impact reports 
  • Producing printed impact report documents for donor communications—maintaining digital copies of every report in Dropbox 
  • Implementing and managing changes as necessary to achieve reporting timelines and goals 


  • Researching donations to ensure accurate and timely donor journey onboarding and recording  accurately in our CRM 
  • Assisting in donor gratitude and engagement initiatives such as handwritten thank you notes,  building merch packages, impact report mailouts, etc. 
  • Assisting in maintaining and cleaning CRM data and other internal lists that connect our donors  to their funded water points 


  • Regularly sourcing photos from project impact reports and staff travel for cataloging in our Digital Asset Management tool (Canto) 
  • Assist in sourcing impact stories for newsletters, social media, marketing, and other communication purposes as needed 
  • Working on special projects as needed

You’ll need… 

  • Bachelor’s degree or 2+ years experience in a role requiring digital data management, detailed copyediting/review and administrative responsibilities 
  • Meticulous proofreading, grammar and editorial skills—striving for excellence in every detail by double and triple-checking work quality 
  • Proficiency with (and love for) Excel/spreadsheets and Google Workspace Competency in learning and working across multiple data management systems Proven experience working cross-functionally with a variety of teams and stakeholders The ability to multitask, meet timeframe goals and execute all responsibilities in both a team environment and alone 
  • Adaptability and a willingness to perform tasks outside the designated role as needed—our lean  staff wear multiple hats 
  • Must be able to lift up to 20 lbs. 
  • Willingness to travel overseas & hike in rugged terrain, sleep on the ground and be able to  function in extreme heat. 

You’ll excel if you have… 

  • Experience in the non-profit sector 
  • Worked with international colleagues through email and phone 
  • A fondness for desk work and support behind the scenes 
  • Experience using a CRM (Kindful), iFormBuilder or Adobe software 

Growth Opportunities: 

As Impact Reporting Coordinator, you’ll work in a collaborative team culture. While growing in the  technical and analytical skills primary to your role, you’ll have continual opportunity to identify  inefficiencies, present fresh ideas to improve existing processes and own their implementation across  the organization. 


  • $38,000 Annual Salary 
  • Employer contributions: 

o Medical coverage provided by neverthirst 

o Dental coverage provided by neverthirst 

  • Unlimited Paid Time Off: We operate under a Results-Only Work environment, and trust that you will get your work done on time and with excellence 
  • 401K Employer match up to 3% 
  • 1 Iron Tribe Fitness membership paid for by neverthirst 


Apply by submitting a resume and cover letter to 

This opportunity is based in neverthirst’s U.S. headquarters. Only applicants able to work in  Birmingham, AL will be considered.

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