Kids Alive International–President

Kids Alive International (KAI) is a Christ-centered nonprofit that believes every child deserves to live free from the bondage of hunger, abuse, injustice, and exploitation.

Since 1916, Kids Alive has been committed to the same mission: to find and rescue helpless children from dark corners of the world, to redeem them in the name of Jesus, and to restore their hope and dignity.

Kids Alive is recruiting a President who has an authentic, vibrant Christian faith and a passion for caring for abused, wounded, and voiceless children. Our new President will, in partnership with the Board of Directors, help provide strategic vision and inspiration for the road ahead. The President must be able to think strategically and act decisively. He or she will possess and exhibit the spirit of a servant leader while empowering a high-capacity senior team. This individual must be skilled at building enduring external partnerships and be an effective advocate for the children.

The President reports to a nine-member Board of Directors who meet twice annually plus two virtual meetings.
Under the existing organization structure, the President has the following direct reports:
• Vice President, Finance and Internal Operations
• Vice President, International Programs
• Vice President, Communications and Fund Development

• Demonstrated success in leading organizations through significant change
• Proven achievements in major donor fundraising
• Solid understanding of nonprofit accounting and finance
• Member of or reporting to not for profit Board
• Implemented systems and processes in an organization that has grown to the point of needing this level of effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism

• Understand how a policy governance Board works
• Develop and maintain a culture of transparency and collaboration with the Board; keeping
them informed; asking tough questions of the Board and fielding tough questions from them
• Work with the Board Development Committee to bring on new members who will strengthen the Board
• Understand, respect and leverage the experience and skills of the individual Board Members for the advancement of the ministry

• Help build the brand of KAI and advance the cause; be the public face of KAI
• Initiate, establish, and develop partnerships that benefit KAI
• Be a stellar fundraiser, working his/her own portfolio of major donors
• Understand the international cultural aspects of the ministry and effectively
communicate this to the donor base which is 95+% American
• Lead a strategy of producing Op-Ed pieces and White Papers that contribute to KAI
being considered a thought leader in their sector
• Develop meaningful relationships with the leaders of other INGOs who work in areas
like KAI; participate in organized and informal forums with these leaders

• Be a spiritual leader of the team; mentoring and providing spiritual encouragement
• Recruit and release a high-capacity team
• Build a team that relies and works closely with each other; build mutual dependence, commitment and unity; lead the team relationally and collaboratively
• Manage conflict, clarify the issues, be decisive, get it resolved, move on

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