Manager of Maintenance and Sustainability

Job Synopsis:
The Manager of Maintenance and Sustainability provides oversight for maintenance at MCC Akron campus, including the office building, dining hall, Welcoming Place (guest houses and meeting center), residential houses and a fleet of vehicles. The manager is committed to practices and initiatives that increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions and support environmental well-being. The manager is responsible for the preventative maintenance plan, for solving maintenance problems, and for working with the supervisor and outside personnel (contractors, county and borough authorities) to plan for renovations, building construction and building sale or removal. This person supervises two staff persons, and does a share of maintenance work. Must be available on a flexible schedule to respond to maintenance emergencies.

To apply and for complete job details:

All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active participation in a Christian church or Christian community; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

Legal eligibility to be employed in the U.S. is required

Bachelors degree preferred. Requires knowledge in technical skills needed to diagnose and repair problems involved in complex technical equipment, including HVAC and electrical systems.

3-5 years practical work experience in at least one technical area, such as mechanics, HVAC, or electrical.

1-3 years minimum work experience in a second such technical area preferred such as mechanics, HVAC, electrical or solar.

Experience in machine operating skills, particularly in relation to equipment used in the building trades and in diagnostic equipment used in trouble shooting maintenance problems.

Training or work experience with Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design), software used in surveying and building design and renovation preferred.

Ability to recognize safety and maintenance related hazardous situations and implement essential corrective measures.

Demonstrated experience with and commitment to practices and initiatives that increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions and support environmental well-being.

Proficiency in computer/email skills, with preference for experience in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Knowledge of Universal Building Codes and local zoning ordinances a plus.

Possess valid driver’s license.

Major Responsibilities:
Maintenance/technical: 70%
Management/supervision: 30%

Tasks Maintenance/technical: 70%
-Takes primary responsibility to troubleshoot problems in major maintenance systems including HVAC system, electrical, water/plumbing, and either repair or work with consulting technicians as required.
-Evaluates current maintenance systems to determine where flaws and inefficiencies exist.
-Conducts frequent facility inspections related to energy, water usage, and safety and maintains related logs and records.
-Monitors fluctuations in utility pricing and negotiates for better service rates when possible and appropriate.
-Keeps comprehensive records for preventative maintenance schedule and procedures, and for major maintenance systems (for example, HVAC water loop chemistry, fire alarm system, sprinkler system, elevator, and generator).
-Coordinates set-up and tear-down for on-campus MCC staff events (orientations board meetings, trainings, etc.).
-Does a share of general maintenance tasks throughout the campus .
-Assists with snow and ice removal when needed
-Works with Administrative Services Director to plan office moves

Management/supervision: 30%
-Oversees maintenance work for office buildings, Dining Hall/kitchen, Welcoming Place, residential properties, and fleet of vehicles
-Designs and oversees the preventative maintenance program/schedule for the campus
-Weekly 1:1 meetings with maintenance staff-supervises maintenance assistants, prioritizing work requests and making staff assignments to meet maintenance needs
-Works with the Director of Administrative Services to prepare the annual budget regarding expenditures and the purchasing of equipment, supplies and inventory.
-Prepares cost estimates for major projects
-Implements and monitor systems for regular maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds, including duties such as mowing, snow removal, painting, etc.
-Promotes an understanding and awareness of sustainability issues by coordinating informational training and presentations and promoting campus energy and water conservation, waste minimization, recycling, and sustainable building and landscape design.

Position requires the staff person to initiate frequent contacts with outside contractors, to work extensively with staff across a variety of levels, and to work with volunteers to carry out work. Requires understanding and demonstration of MCC values, good customer service skills, clear communications skills, and ability to work well with others.

Supervises two Maintenance assistants on an almost daily basis, managing schedules, assigning work detail, problem solving, encouraging and communicating policies and procedures. Training and supervise staff in the proper and safe use of equipment and tools as needed. Prepares performance evaluations. Should have a general knowledge of policies and procedures and is usually the first contact for policy-related questions from Maintenance assistants.

The varied and constantly changing demands of this job require understanding complex maintenance systems such as HVAC, electrical, and water/plumbing systems. Creativity, innovation, and flexibility are required to prevent problems, and to address system problems as they arise. The staff person must find ways to balance preventative needs with addressing problems. Uses experience and judgment to select from among a variety of possible technical solutions to problems. Plans and schedules for routine maintenance and vendor contracts on equipment and services. Takes initiative to develop safety and maintenance guidelines and processes, and overall training and knowledge of staff. Provides educational programming to building occupants with goal of supporting energy and water conservation. Must be available evenings and weekends to meet emergency maintenance needs and take turns with other Admin staff in responding to after-hours guest needs. Must be able to work on feet for long periods of time, lift 75 pounds, and work on ladders and roofs.

Person needs to work independently with bi-weekly meetings with supervisor. Many decisions are made independently, because supervisor will not have technical knowledge needed to resolve major maintenance problems or design preventative maintenance procedures. Is responsible for significant budget expenditures.

End Result
This position ensures provision of a safe and positive working environment for the multiple departments on the Akron campus, as well as for campus guests and for families who live in MCC’s rental units. Decisions significantly impact the department budget and MCC’s overall capital budget. This position may participate in committees and work groups related to MCC’s environmental stewardship.

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