Planned Giving Director

The Planned Giving Director will intentionally build relationships, serve and care for key partners, and design and implement opportunities for financial investment through planned giving. This individual will work within our Investor Partnerships (IP) team to find and connect with key people; win alignment between their key partners’ personal objectives and the mission to end the global water crisis; keep partners thanked, connected, updated, and feeling valued; and lift relationships by communicating impact and encouraging lasting and meaningful collaboration. This position reports to the National Director of Investor Partnerships and may be based either remotely (from a home office) or at the Water Missions headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. A successful Planned Giving Director will:

1. Represent Water Mission
– Faithfully serve in keeping with the Water Mission biblical philosophy of stewardship to our existing and prospective partners.
– Effectively communicate the mission and scope of Water Mission.
– Represent Water Mission at events as requested.

2. Intentionally build relationships and present opportunities
– Maintain working knowledge of Water Mission projects, activities, and operations, as well as legal, tax, investment, financial, estate, and gift planning issues in order to effectively communicate opportunities to partners.
– Find and connect with prospective partners. Work with the National Director of Investor Partnership and the Director of Marketing and Communications to develop and execute a comprehensive planned giving strategy.
– Win relationships with current and prospective partners using planned gift concepts. Actively identify the greatest areas of alignment and invite donors and their professional advisors through the gift planning process into meaningful financial partnerships. – – Seek other opportunities for participation that utilize the partners’ influence, time, and talent.
– Collaborate with and coach relationship directors and other Investor Partnership staff in stewarding potential planned gifts.

3. Serve and care for key partners
– Keep key partners connected, updated, and feeling valued by providing timely and personal acknowledgement. Provide personalized reports at least annually showing the impact of their partnership and why it matters. Adjust according to their preferred mode and frequency of reporting.
– Lift key partners awareness of the impact, ministry, and vision for ongoing partnership as a means of solving the global water crisis, saving lives now and for eternity. When appropriate, minister to key partners by connecting on a spiritual level – encouraging their walk with the Lord, praying with and for them, and incorporating principles of Biblical stewardship as appropriate.
– Document and maintain information related to gift planning communications and case development.

What is required?

– Personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
– High degree of professionalism and ability to effectively communicate the mission and purpose of Water Mission
– Ability to travel 30-50 nights per year throughout the U.S., as necessary (if remote, a minimum of two trips of additional travel to the Charleston headquarters will be required annually)
– Bachelor’s degree; law degree preferred
– Minimum of four years related experience and/or training, preferably with a focus in stewardship of planned giving; or equivalent combination of education and experience
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to clearly articulate ideas and feedback in a constructive way
– Ability to work both independently and collaboratively with a team
– Commitment to the values and mission of the organization and ending the global water crisis

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