Program Manager, All Children Reading (ACR)

World Vision is now hiring for Program Manager, All Children Reading (ACR)

Contribute to the International Programs Group’s program quality and reporting goals through the management of sectoral projects (funded by US Government agencies, selected foundations, selected individual mega donors). Oversee project implementation, and provide monitoring and evaluation of the portfolio to ensure financial and legal compliance. Demonstrate a mutual understanding of both donor and field-facing requirements, providing product management, and project support to enable fundrasers to deliver on the donor promise. Ensure compliance to donor standards, develop tools, and provide capacity building for funded projects. Help carry out our Christian organization’s mission, vision, and strategies. Personify the ministry of World Vision by witnessing to Christ and ministering to others through life, deed, word and sign.

Lead or coordinate project start-up with the National Office, partner, and other key stakeholders. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

-Ensure all involved staff have copies of approved program design (narrative, logframe, monitoring and evaluation plan, budget, and grant agreement) and that they understand donor regulations, reporting and other requirements.
-Assist with recruiting and staffing/consulting needs.
-Support National Office (NO) in meeting special donor requirements, such as the purchase of capital assets.
-Facilitate start-up workshop and any required training (e.g., donor requirements).
-Ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities for key staff to support successful project implementation.
-Ensure technical review of any baseline research methodologies.
-Ensure that monitoring and evaluation system is set up (including reporting templates) and processes for developing detailed implementation plan is completed.
-Ensure that the reporting and evaluation process for the performance management of programs is developed.
Communicate outcomes of start-up to the donor or director.

Ensure that projects are managed effectively through appropriate, timely and detailed communication with appropriate internal teams and relevant stakeholders regarding major issues and successes related to the project. Coordinate with appropriate staff and leadership to encourage and facilitate the documentation of promising practices and lessons learned. On-going project implementation support includes, but is not limited to:

-Provide project management assistance to the field as needed.
-Ensure regular, positive, and productive communication with respective donor representatives, the field, and partners regarding the implementation of program activities.
-Ensure on time submission of high quality reports.
-Work with project staff to ensure timely and high-quality reports are submitted to Communications Officers.
-Monitor implementation and resource/fund utilization rates in conjunction with Finance.
-Assist the field in accessing appropriate technical assistance for successful implementation of activities.
-Monitor compliance and ensure WV responds professionally to all compliance and audit issues, follow-up on audit findings and evaluation recommendations.
-Ensure technical review of any evaluation terms of reference.
-Revise program documents as necessary and as requested and coordinate or complete approved amendments.
-Coordinate and/or submit cost and no-cost extensions.
-Coordinate with Regional Office (RO) technical staff on key updates and technical support requests.
-Showcase projects and data collected through internal and external fora as relevant.
-Lead close-out process (includes final reports, evaluations and lessons learned). Ensure that evaluation outcomes and lessons learned are shared with and disseminated to all appropriate stakeholders.
-Conduct appropriate and useful field visits to assist the office, ensuring communication and coordination with appropriate staff members.
-Network with sector leaders internally and externally, to strengthen World Vision’s industry position, stay current with the sector evidence base, and to connect field projectgs with sector resources such as university researchers.
-Attend sector specific external meetings/conferences as applicable to existing programming in order to share lessons learned and best practices with field offices.
-Contribute to sector business plans and strategy.


-Perform other duties as assigned.
-Work collaboratively with team members when assigned to work as part of a team.
-Keep informed of organizational announcements, activities and changes via regular reading of the WVUS Intranet and other corporate communication tools.
-Keep Christ central in our individual and corporate lives. Attend and participate in the leadership of devotions, weekly Chapel services, and regular prayer.

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