Program Manager of Innovation – Majority World

The Chalmers Center exists to equip the church to walk alongside people who are poor to break the social, spiritual, and material bonds of poverty. To fulfill this mission the Chalmers Center seeks to empower churches in the Majority World to develop local solutions to poverty alleviation through new, kingdom-centered interventions. To help the Chalmers Center to achieve this goal, the Manager of Innovation-MW will oversee the implementation of a brand new Chalmer’s program: Innovate: A Creative Process Toward Community Flourishing (Innovate-MW).

The Program Manager, in collaboration with the Majority World Deployment team, will test the training materials, develop the program design, and implement this program with Chalmer’s partners in West Africa as well as other partners throughout the Majority World. The position encompasses training, equipping, and mentoring coaches and partners for program implementation; field visits for monitoring and evaluation; and ongoing program development and innovation data gathering for the Kingdom-Centered-Innovation (KCI) Team’s ongoing innovation activities.

The Program Manager reports to the Director of MW Deployment and collaborates regularly with the KCI Team, and the Director of West Africa Operations.

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