Regional Manager

Organization: Amazi Water
Position type: Full-time
Position Title: Regional Manager
Reporting To: Chief Operations Officer
Duty Station: TBD: Gitega-Ngozi-Makamba
Starting Date: Immediately



The Regional Manager is responsible to coordinate the regional work and represent the  organization at regional level. He or She will provide management and leadership to the  regional staff and will strive to realize our mission. 


Amazi Water is the primary, in-country partner for clean water projects in Burundi. In collaboration  with others, we are developing a national water strategy with the goal of providing sustainable  access to clean water in every community by the end of 2028. 


  • Coordinating Amazi Water’s efforts in the region in timely and cost-effective manner. Coordinate with Amazi Water’s working teams and other stakeholders to ensure strategic,  operational and administrative effectiveness amongst all projects within the region.  Overseeing daily operations, managing budgets and resources and setting performance  objectives. 
  • Overseeing and participating in the planning, mobilization of resources, and implementation of new projects and activities at the assigned region.
  • Develop detailed implementation plans, logistic plans and financial forecasts in  collaboration with the operational teams. 
  • Ensure timely preparations and submission of weekly progress updates and quarterly  reports in accordance with agreed formats and schedules. 
  • Provide leadership and management support to the regional staffs and build a strong  and healthy working team. 
  • Motivate and inspire team members towards the delivery of high-quality results and impact  achievement,  
  • Manage the performance of all supervisees through the effective use of the Performance  Management System and ongoing mentoring/coaching. 
  • Develop and maintain good working relationship and effective partnership with relevant  provincial and commune leaders, NGOs, local churches and community leaders.
  • Represent Amazi Water in governmental and non-governmental meetings and forums  and serve as a resource person for disseminating knowledge about Amazi Water and its  vision.  
  • To be an example by asserting and living out Amazi Water’s mission and values in the  region.  
  • Ensure M&E processes and systems are in place to enable tracking of data and  information, quality and timely management reporting metrics. 
  • Network, develop and maintain partnership with NGOs, local government officials, local  churches, and community leaders in the region. 
  • Develop and maintain communication channels and foster dialogue with different  stakeholders.  


  • Master’s degree in business management or project management or a related field  required, 
  • 5+ years’ experience management 
  • Good knowledge of project management  
  • Strong interpersonal communication and negotiations skills 
  • Well-developed written and oral communications skills in English and French Strong problem-solving skills 
  • Ability to collaborate with other team to make quick decisions


  • A love for Burundi and Jesus Christ 
  • Passion for learning and the ability to continue to grow and stretch your skills to adapt to the changing needs of the Organization. 
  • Commitment to the Organization, constantly exceed expectations and high level of  team collaboration, 
  • Ability to communicate with government offices and field partners, 
  • Understanding of the need and benefit of clean water 


Eligible candidates are kindly requested to submit a completed Amazi Water application by  15th May 2021 that can be found on our website and sent by email to Please title in your subject “Regional Manager Application – Name – May 2021”. 

Mention on your email your preferred location between Ngozi-Gitega-Makamba. We may close application early if we receive sufficient applications before the closing date.  

Only candidates who meet the above criteria will be contacted. Eligible candidate’s applications  will be kept for 12 months.

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