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About Us: Love Justice International (LJI) is a Christian nonprofit organization compelled by Gods love to fight the worlds greatest injustices. We fight injustice in two primary ways: through our expanding anti-human trafficking work and by caring for orphaned and abandoned children. We currently work throughout Asia and Africa.

Position Type: Full-time, Overseas or Stateside, Support Raised* or Salaried

*If hired, the candidate will be required to raise financial support to cover his/her own salary, benefits, and expenses. Raising support is a key example of the body of Christ supporting its members and joining in the fight against injustice. LJI will provide administrative and prayer support throughout the process, as well as guidance and resources to build up a support base. Please prayerfully consider whether you may be called to step out in faith and raise support for this position.

Program and Position Overview: At Love Justice International we strive to find and implement the strategies that result in the greatest impact against injustice. We believe that the question of how to create the greatest impact against the greatest injustices is incredibly complex, and warrants an excellence of thought and practice that is rarely brought to bear in our field.

We also believe that impact that is not carefully defined and accurately measured is worth very little, that there is much potential to do harm in fighting against injustice, and that our own tendencies will always be to have a biased view of our own work and impact. These ideas are reflected in some of our values, such as “Do No Harm,” and “Admit Your Weaknesses.”

Nothing on earth has been more effective than science at discovering the truths that can impact the world, and it’s not even close. Therefore we feel compelled to bring a scientific approach to our work, as reflected in our value “Be Scientific.”

Love Justice Labs is where we record and track the evolution of what we believe are our highest potential yet-untested impact ideas. It is designed to be the forge that burns away the ideas or parts of ideas that cannot stand scrutiny, and helps the ones that can be born into and make impact in the real world.

The Science Officer will strive to bring a scientific approach to the defining and measuring of impact in our program work, and Love Justice Labs. He / she will report to the CEO. The position will ideally be based in Durban, South Africa, although remote work may be considered.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
The primary duties and responsibilities of the Science Officer are the following:
*Facilitating the design and development of projects in Love Justice Labs
*Bringing a scientific approach to how we best achieve our mission and have the greatest impact against the worlds greatest injustices
*Arranging peer review for our programs and plans (in particular those in Love Justice Labs), including developing a network or trusted experts who are willing to give their time to review our work and ideas
*Ensuring that Love Justices impact claims can stand up to scrutiny
*Bringing a scientific perspective to all aspects of our work, both generally, and in specific project areas, by being a lead on a number of Love Justice Core Processes, and a stakeholder on others

*Mature Christian faith
*A strong commitment to social justice and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable populations
*Minimum of a bachelors degree in a scientific field (masters degree or higher preferred)
*Knowledge of statistics and data science (preferred)
*Significant experience as a practitioner of social science
*Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including dialectic
*Ability to work well within a group setting and maintain a positive outlook while working within challenging circumstances

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