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Who is the Global Water Center?

The Global Water Center, a collaborative initiative established by Water Mission, is a platform creating a movement of millions of individuals and scaling the impact of safe water implementers, corporate partners, foundations, and other nonprofits to end water poverty. Our ultimate goal is to bring the number of people affected by water poverty from 2,200,000,000 to 0. Working at the Global Water Center is as much a calling as it is a career, and we are searching for people with the courage, passion, and drive to help us change the world. Read more about our Statement of Faith and Christian Mission.

What is the opportunity?

The Global Water Center’s Touring Manager will be the lead manager with the Mobile Discovery Center (MDC). See This person will travel full-time* with the Mobile Discovery Center and provide on-site management and leadership for the exhibit. This person will lead a team of volunteers in the set-up, operation, and tear down of the exhibit in each city and will work with the partner logistics provider to properly position and set up the expandable trailers. The Touring Manager will be the on-site leader and will handle media messaging and represent Global Water Center and the Mobile Discovery Center to the media. This role will also interact with guests to increase membership with the Global Water Center and the venue managers to ensure all agreed upon terms are carried out. Previous experience with event planning and/or event touring with audiovisual expertise is preferred.

The Touring Manager will be the lead member of a multi-member team that travels with the Mobile Discovery Center around the US. Ideally, this team would consist of sets of two people who are comfortable working and lodging together. Since these positions require extensive travel, lodging, and transportation, work-related expenses will be covered by the Global Water Center.

*While this position is predominantly a full-time job, consideration will be given to applicants with the proper skill set who can travel with the Mobile Discovery Center for at least six months of the calendar year.

A successful Touring Manager will:

Travel with the Mobile Discovery Center to each location
Manage on-site install and de-install of Mobile Discovery Center
Manage the overall site during days when the MDC is open to the public
Train and supervise on-site teams of volunteers and/or hired assistants
Report daily metrics for Mobile Discovery Center including attendance, sales, donor sign-ups, and other metrics as determined
Coordinate any special event setups including technology requirements
Handle all cash donations and gift shop sales by depositing and accounting for all cash
Use Global Water Center messaging when talking with guests to increase membership and donations
Manage arrival, use (in accordance with OSHA standards), and departure of rental equipment and services
Advise Director of Traveling Exhibits on any operational issues and areas of improvement
Perform minor repair or coordinate repair of exhibits
Set-up and troubleshoot any technology/media issues

What is required?

Personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
Knowledge of exhibit or attraction operation
Experience in special event set-up combined with tech, audiovisual, and computer skills
Ability to prioritize multiple tasks while leading a team operating a traveling attraction (the Global Water Center’s Mobile Discovery Center)
Lead and manage staff (including additional touring partners and volunteers in each city)
Ability to develop a deep understanding of how the attraction operates, and as such, make judgment calls for the best interest of the team, guests, and exhibit as a whole
Provide outstanding customer service to guests and always remain professional
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Excellent listening ability
Ability to effectively communicate the Global Water Center messaging to guests at the exhibit including requesting donations and selling memberships
Ability to handle basic interviews with local media (when appropriate)
Thorough and detail-oriented
Willing to learn how to operate a forklift and other equipment and operate as needed
Must be able to stand and move around the exhibit for long periods of time throughout the day
Must be able to lift heavy boxes/items (up to 50 lbs.) and move pallets
Valid driver’s license required
Satisfactorily clean driving record and ability to maintain a clean driving record. Must be willing to have their driving record checked periodically, as necessary.
Ability and willingness to drive a large vehicle with a trailer or camper van attached, if required
Ability to travel domestically up to 100 percent of the time (outlined below). This requires being able to sit in a car for long periods of time, as well as a willingness to stay in hotels or campers and share a room/living situation with another traveling companion.
The exhibit will be traveling throughout the year (January through early December) and the team will be required to travel with the exhibit during operation. Paid Time Off (PTO) will be available per Global Water Center policies and there will be at least two one-week breaks throughout the year subject to the touring schedule

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