Vice President – Manufacturing (Agri-Business)

This position serves the ministry of Convoy of Hope (COH) by developing the business plans, strategy and potential opportunities available to the organization in the area of food security, both domestically and internationally. The overarching goal of this position is to ensure that COH has enough food with the right nutritional value, to ensure Global Program is not limited by either the quantity or the quality of food that is available to accomplish all program goals in the present and in the future.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Tasked with assisting the organization in enlisting the support of the appropriate professionals, networks, and organizations in developing production, storage, processing and transportation of food necessary to reach the overall goals of Convoy of Hope.
2. Oversee and participate in the research of viable opportunities of COH long-term in the area of expanding our food product capacity in both domestic markets and in other countries where COH has program centers.
3. Network with professionals in the areas of production, storage, processing and transportation of food, including those who assist in the evaluation of physical, political and human capitol inputs.
4. Builds strong relationships and networks related to private businesses, governmental agencies, producers, agriculture businesses and others.
5. Works in concert with the US Food Industry Companies and provides organizational context and recommendations.
6. Evaluates food products necessary to complete or compliment food products needed in COH programs.
7. Prepares a menu of viable opportunities through well-developed business plans for consideration by COH Executive Leadership.
8. Considers and recommends appropriate facilities for conducting hands-on teaching, research and demonstration of critical factors contributing to the knowledge and abilities to achieve food security and personal resiliency.
9. Develops metrics to use in measuring the effectiveness of the food acquisition strategies for COH and leads working group to achieve these metrics.
10. Collaborate with supply chain team to develop, and continuously update, forecasts for food available from internal vs. external sources.
11. As the operations continue to scale, recruit, develop and lead a strong manufacturing team capable of driving results and meeting commitments.
12. All other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
1. B.A. in Business required; Degree in Agriculture, Agri-Business or related preferred.
2. 10+ years experience in leading large food processing and manufacturing initiatives preferred.
3. Evidence of effective communication and collaboration skills with academic and non-academic professionals, domestic and international rural farmers, and donors.
4. Understanding of both domestic and international agriculture needs and factors.
5. Government understanding related to commodities.
6. Broad range problem solver in food security topics.
7. Six Sigma/Lean Certification a plus.
8. Strive to nurture, broaden and develop financial and other resource opportunities to support and expand organizational and program ministry.
9. Serve as an advocate for the ministry, striving to nurture, broaden and develop financial and other resource opportunities to support and expand organizational and program ministry.
10. Ability to positively represent the ministry of Convoy of Hope, including its mission statement and core values, to all outside constituencies.
11. As a Christian organization, Convoy of Hope believes it is critical that each staff member embraces the organization’s religious purposes for which it exists and not only agrees with its Statement of Faith but demonstrates it in their lives on an ongoing basis.

Supervisory Responsibilities: None at this time.

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