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Join us for OneAccord 2022 where together we'll explore:

  • Who we are becoming
  • How we can apply our knowledge to serve with excellence
  • What we can accomplish together. 


We all affirm the importance of holistic development for those we serve—but how can we best prioritize holism in our own lives and leadership?


OneAccord invites us to apply a holistic lens to our lives and work, emphasizing being, knowing, and doing through parallel tracks on formation, learning, and collaboration.


Together we’ll explore who we are becoming, how we can apply our knowledge to serve with excellence, and what we can accomplish together. 


Whether you are an Accord member or not; whether you have come before or not; we warmly invite you to join with us.


Start: Tuesday, Oct. 11, 5:30p
End: Thursday, Oct. 13, 1:15p


Ridgecrest Conference Center
Ridgecrest, North Carolina
30 min from Asheville (AVL)
2 hrs from Charlotte (CLT)


Members: $420
Non-Members: $520
Pre-Event Intensives: $99
Hotel Rooms: $156 & $166, no tax
Sponsorship Opportunities

Plenary Speakers


Mindy Caliguire

Co-Founder, SoulCare


Brian Fikkert

President, The Chalmers Center

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 10.30.13 AM
Jayakumar Christian

Author, "God of the Empty-Handed"


Kent Hill

Co-founder and Senior Fellow,
Religious Freedom Institute

Beth Birmingham

Founding Partner, BE Dev. Partners
Co-Author, "Creating Cultures of Belonging"

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.37.28 PM

Emily Sarmiento

President and CEO,
Tearfund USA


Myal Greene

President and CEO,
World Relief

Eeva Sallinen Simard

Chief of Party, SCOPE Project, World Relief
Co-Author: Creating Cultures of Belonging

Event Tracks

Formation Track: Being

Who we are becoming cannot be separated from how we serve. Our formation will translate to impact as we cultivate a culture of healthy rhythms. This track focuses on loving God with our heart and soul as the vital groundwork of integral mission. 

  • Building Shared Language for Collaboration (The What)
  • Cultivating Christ-Centered Teams (The Who)
  • The Case for Trauma-Informed Community Care (The Why)
  • Roundtable: Formation in Action

Learning Track: Knowing

A holistic love of God and neighbor demands that love is the work of our mind as well as our heart and soul. In a landscape where growth and metrics are highly valued, transactional can too easily be prioritized over transcendent.  Together we’ll apply the latest learnings to our organizations without compromising our Christ-centered mission.  

  • Stewarding Integral Mission: a Design Sprint Workshop
  • Innovation in  Integral Mission: a Platform Approach
  • Excellence in Kingdom Storytelling
  • Integral Mission Panel Discussion

Collaboration Track: Doing

As we treat our co-laborers as collaborators, not competitors, the world will take notice of our distinct posture and the impact of our collective efforts.  In this track, we’ll explore why, how, and with whom to partner for optimum impact, recognizing that our Christian witness hinges on our unity as well as our individual excellence. 

  • Partnership for Kingdom Impact
  • Sacrificial vs. transactional Partnerships
  • Mission Fidelity and Partnership
  • Engaging USAID as Faith-based Partners

Bonus Track! A Deeper Dive:

Plenary session speakers will make themselves available for special Q&A sessions.  Come and bring your pressing questions to consider together with your peers.

  • Q&A with Brian Fikkert
  • Creating Cultures of Belonging
  • Q&A with Jayakumar Christian And Kent Hill



Tuesday's Pre-Event Intensives

Accord Research Alliance (ARA)

Nothing About Us Without Us
A Kingdom Perspective for Sharing Love & Power in Evaluation and Research Practice

As evaluators or researchers operating within a Kingdom perspective or as part of Christ-centered organizations, our approach to collecting, acquiring, using, and leveraging information/data should follow and support the invitation of Jesus to “love God with all our heart...and love our neighbor as ourselves” (Mark 12:30-31).

However, the way data is acquired and leveraged (even with good intentions) can sometimes limit the insights, contributions, and gifts of those being “served,” do more harm than good, and contribute to a deepening marginalization and dehumanization because of the power dynamics involved. 

How, then, do we as Christians do all we can to intentionally tackle these issues and “love well” in the process?  One place from which to glean insights seems to be the movement of  “decolonization,” a relatively recent term that has arisen to help tackle these potential problems, referring to approaches and methodologies of acquiring and leveraging data in a way that better honors and shares power with these communities.


Come to this Intensive, and learn to:

  • Better understand current conversations on decolonization with a particular focus on research and evaluation
  • Utilize a Kingdom perspective to interpret and assess decolonization
  • Apply the postures/practices from decolonization discourse that align with Christ’s teachings (1 Thessalonians 5:21) to improve how to acquire and leverage data in a way that shares love and power with those who have been marginalized
  • Generate insights into how to move towards allowing the most vulnerable to have the key say on how their stories are told


9AM-4:30 PM, Lunch included.  $99




Accord WASH Alliance (AWA)

-Full Program Here-

This year’s theme will focus Innovations in Water Delivery. will discuss all areas of WASH, but specifically address the state of the art and progress in areas such as:

  • Pumps, pump maintenance, retrofitting pumps, etc.
  • Techniques for pump monitoring, water usage and water level monitoring
  • Well drilling techniques
  • Gravity-fed (spring capture) water system intake, transport, and delivery
  • Disinfection in pump systems and gravity-fed systems
  • Financing of water systems
  • Management of water systems
  • Other trends within the WASH sector


Noon-4:30 PM, Lunch included.  $99




Christian Economic Development Network (CED)

During this intensive, you’ll hear the latest strategies and learnings for advancing Kingdom-building economic development.  Learn with likeminded practitioners in the areas of microfinance, savings group, business/entrepreneurial training, agriculture, and integral mission. We will be joined by Brian Fikkert and others from the Chalmers Center to engage with their Innovate curriculum and explore topical challenges together. Our discussion topics will include training, innovation, technology, and serving in Christian-minority contexts.

This intensive is being produced by The CED Network, a network that creates a space where Christ-centered organizations and individuals can share best practices, learn from each other's challenges, and encourage each other in pursuits of transformational economic development. To learn more about CED, please contact For all event-related requests, please reach out to Accord.


Noon-4:30 PM, Lunch included.  $99





9:00     Research Intensive
Christian Economic Dev. Intensive
12:00    WASH Intensive

OneAccord Begins:

5:30      Dinner / Plenary

9:00     Morning Plenary
10:15     Breakouts
11:45     Lunch / Plenary
1:45      Breakouts
5:30     Dinner

9:00      Morning Plenary
10:15      Breakouts
11:45      Lunch / Plenary
1:15       -OneAccord Ends-

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