Thursday Three: Living in Reality No Matter What the Cost

June 15, 2020

By This is a Repost from June 11 Thursday Three Email to all Accord Members


Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  1 Cor. 13

1. Living in Reality

One of my favorite quotes is from M Scott Peck who said that the definition of mental health can be summed up as living in reality no matter what the cost.  This concept is typically used in context the individual, but after the events of the last ten days, I’m reawakening to the idea that this is more than our own reality–we are also called to live in the reality of others.  I’m listening in on conversations with so many of you about this situation and hearing lament and heartbreak. Of course we are heartbroken–Accord members represent the marginalized and oppressed.

2. …No Matter What the Cost

Accord Board member JoAnn Flett shared this quote from Bonhoeffer and I think it’s especially salient: “May God in his mercy lead us through these times, but above all, may he lead us to himself. The Church must come out of its stagnation. We must move out again into the open air of intellectual discussion with the world, and risk saying controversial things, if we are to get down to the serious problems of life. …our relation to God is a new life in “existence for others” through participation in the being of Jesus. The Church is the Church only when it exists for others.” –Letters and Papers From Prison

3. The Changing of the Human Heart

Many of us have been releasing statements and messages to stakeholders.  My favorite piece came from a letter from Compassion First’s Mike Mercer in a letter to supporters. He quotes his own pastor: “The changing of the human heart requires the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is not racist, sexist, elitist, or ageist. In God’s Kingdom, Spirit-inspired unity is a powerful force manifested in reconciling, forgiving, loving, healing, supporting, encouraging, and equipping relationships.”

Bonus: Webinar on Communication

Join us June 16 at Noon ET for a webinar on Communication and Racial Justice.
Dan Kennedy, Kumveka
Lori Ruffin, The COOTeam + V3 Movement

As Christ-centered organizations, we don’t want to ignore the critical issue of racial justice.  But what should we say? What should we not say? When should we say it? What should we do? Not do?

Both based in Richmond, Virginia, nonprofit veterans Dan Kennedy (a white man) and Lori Ruffin (a black woman) hold an open discussion on how as Christian leaders we might approach this moment. REGISTER HERE

This webinar kicks off a series on marketing and brand. Expect more in the near future on creating belonging cultures.


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