Bill Haley – Self-Care In Times Of Crisis (Webinar Summary)

April 17, 2020

By Russ Debenport

Bill Haley, Executive Director of Coracle, joined Accord members on April 16, 2020 to discuss self-care for leaders during the COVID-19 crisis. Bill’s session builds on the webinar from earlier this week about how to equip staff during this crisis.  


The session covered four major areas of self-care:

  1. Gratitude: Be conscientiously grateful.
  2. Gifts: Receive the gifts of this time.
  3. God: Engage God in the present moment
  4. Hope: Hope is what we do.


Being grateful in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis means developing a posture of thanks. Things could be even worse than they are now. It also means being grateful for our own anxieties because they can draw us back into the loving arms of God. There are also gifts we receive during this time if we are purposeful in recognizing them. We can be thankful for the gift of time with our family, new rhythms in our day, or taking a long walk to pray for our neighbors. What is a gift from this time that you want to keep with you after this crisis is over? Thirdly, to remain spiritually and physically healthy in this crisis we can practice the sacrament of the present moment. We can ask: “God, how are you present with me right now?” Be mindful of these truths about God: 1) God is good, 2) God is present, 3) God is in control. Finally, all of these things should produce hope within us. Haily reminded Accord members that as a Christian, we always hope for a better future not just despite coronavirus but because of it. Mitre Raheb says, “Hope is a verb. Hope is what we do.”


Bill, thank you for facilitating us and guiding us through this timely and empowering session! Bill’s notes from this session can be found on his site here.  


NEXT: Please join Accord for our upcoming webinar with Matt Hangen and Lara Lambert – Leading with WASH During COVID-19.  Register here

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