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The Accord WASH Alliance exists to connect, encourage, and equip the Christ-centered WASH community to serve the global poor with excellence.

Safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) is fundamental to human development and well being. Nearly a billion people do not use drinking water from improved sources, and more than twice that number lack access to basic sanitation facilities. Several recent studies demonstrate that the global challenge is even bigger, particularly when accounting for water quality and reliability of services.

Incredible effort is being made to extend and sustain ongoing delivery of WASH services across the globe, and the WASH sector is growing and learning quickly. At the same time there is renewed interest in Integral Mission among Christian relief and development organizations and Christian mission agencies. In this rapidly shifting landscape, the Accord WASH Alliance serves as a gathering place for Accord members and other Christian professionals working in the WASH sector. The Alliance seeks to build relationships and promote excellence, with a particular focus on WASH within in the context of integral Christian mission.

The annual Summit on Excellence in WASH serves as an anchor meeting for the alliance, and is held each fall as part of Accord’s annual Developing Excellence Forum. Throughout the remainder of the year, alliance activities are coordinated through a Steering Committee that meets regularly and a number of standing Working Groups.

The Steering Committee is currently made up of:

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