Accord Network CEO Position Description

Position Title: Accord Network CEO    
Reports To: Accord Network Board of Directors
FLSA Status: Salaried, Full-time
Location: Virtual, US Based
Salary: $100,000 to $130,000 with paid vacation time and health insurance
Please send resume and cover letter to        




The CEO is responsible for the successful design and implementation of the Accord Network’s strategies and plans to achieve its vision and mission.                    

The position reports to the Accord Board and ensures the provision of high-value services to member organizations, relationship-building between members, the recruitment and maintenance of members, the implementation of a sustainable funding approach for the association, representation in strategic arenas, and management of the day-to-day operations.                
As Accord is a member organization, these duties and responsibilities are to be carried out in a way that is representative of member organizations, highly collaborative, and fundamentally relational.

Travel is required, up to 20%.

College degree required, masters degree preferred, with at least five years of experience in the industry.
Candidates must subscribe to the Apostles Creed or the NAE Statement of Faith.



Foster Effective Relationships

  • Understand the goals and needs of the Christ-centered relief and development sector and design a strategy and services to address those needs.
  • Plan and implement the OneAccord event that provides excellent learning, networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Plan and implement executive retreat(s)
  • Cultivate online communication and resources that promote the mission and vision of Accord, and enhance learning, networking, and collaboration.
  • Increase the breadth of organizations involved in Accord, recruiting new members by communicating the vision and benefits of Accord membership.
  • Implement systematic efforts to build commitment among current members of Accord, fostering their participation to nurture a strong community.


Promote Excellence in Practice

  • Facilitate opportunities for member agencies to learn and collaborate together in specialized areas (Summits and Communities of Practice).
  • Encourage and manage the development of principles of excellence in various areas of relief and development practice.
  • Promote Integral Mission / Kingdom Transformation in the work of members and the overall industry.
  • Serve as liaison to the CRDA Journal

Give Voice to Christ-Centered Holistic Relief and Development

  • Communicate the vision, directions, and positions of Accord to internal and external constituencies, including key lawmakers and administrators in the US Government.
  • Engage with networks that help Accord more effectively achieve its vision and mission, including umbrella groups such as InterAction, NAE, and CCIH.
  • Ensure that Accord’s voice is heard in the areas of poverty-focused aid, tax reform, and religious freedom.

Provide Leadership and Management for the Day-to-Day Operations of Accord. 

  • Develop an annual plan and share with the Accord Board.
  • Establish appropriate measures and targets to track progress versus annual plan; communicate status regularly to Board.
  • Facilitate meetings of the Board.
  • Manage Accord staff
  • Manage all day-to-day administrative activities including those related to legal, financial and audit requirements.
  • Assume other assignments as mutually agreed with the Board.




Convening members of the body of Christ to serve the global poor with excellence. 

Advancing collaborative, Christ-centered approaches to poverty alleviation that result in human flourishing.

Christ-Centered: The Lordship of Jesus Christ is at the center of who we are and what we do, and we approach each person as made in the image of God.
Relationship-Driven: We promote collaboration and build unity.  
Learning-Oriented: We humbly learn together, sharpening each other in order to better serve the body of Christ.
Leadership-Focused: We support leaders as agents of change.

Mission Critical Objectives

  1. Cultivate relationships
  2. Promote Excellence in Policy and Practice
  3. Advocate for Christ-Centered Holistic Relief and Development